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39 Page Durham Indictment - Igor Danchenko > Christopher Steele > HRC

Anonymous 11/04/21 (Thu) 19:47:44 40fa45 (9) No.14925859

Catherine Herridge @CBS_Herridge #Durham: 39-page indictment Igor Danchenko stands out because it makes the linkage between Clinton campaign/lawyer, opposition research known as “Steele Dossier” used by FBI to obtain surveillance warrants for Trump campaign aide @carterwpage + then Special Counsel Mueller probe. 1:00 PM · Nov 4, 2021



Anonymous 11/04/21 (Thu) 19:03:52 e60218 (27) No.14925528

These indictments against Team Hillary operatives & associates for lying to the FBI are all well and good. But when are we going to see indictments against senior IC & FBI officials for lying to congress? 1:28 PM · Nov 4, 2021


Anonymous 11/04/21 (Thu) 19:55:19 40fa45 (9) No.14925918

Hillbags just keepin' it real. Can you feel the squeeeeeze, yet Hillbags?

Hillary Clinton


I’m thrilled that @mintimm

is taking the helm of @NARAL

, whose work is instrumental to protecting abortion access.

Mini built a powerful, diverse coalition of women on my 2016 campaign and I can’t wait to watch her lead at this critical time for reproductive rights.

10:13 AM · Nov 4, 2021·Twitter Web App

Hillary Clinton


Another flashing red warning sign for the health of our democracy.

I'm sure that's not comms. nah

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