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Tucker Carlson Interviews 'Frank Underwood'

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

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Holy Moly Batman 🤯

Tucker Carlson decided to interview Kevin Spacey, in his character-form of House of Cards, who says he’s running for President.

A few notes:

• At the 3:38 Mark--- Tucker Says they tried to Kill Kevin Spacey.

Remember--- Kevin had a heart attack back in October. Spacey 2.0? 👀

• 5:25 “what’s true, what’s false, what’s life, what’s art, what’s real, what’s performance--- I love it when these things intersect, because then it gets interesting….> I will play whatever role the public wants from me.

• There were a few redpills meant to take a jab at the Democrat party and Rinos…

- Pence too-Pensive

- I like Vivek DrainTheRamaswamy

- Nikki Haley learned a thing or two by watching me 😳🤣😂😂

I’m legit like wtf 😂 …

Kevin Spacey has been a little history with Ghislaine Maxwell and has a ton of sexual allegations while he was in Hollywood…


Tucker Carlson

8:08 AM · Dec 24, 2023





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