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Trump just publicly confirmed the Obama State Dept was behind the Maidan Uprising in Ukraine

Stopping the warmongers and Globalists

>Complete the Mission

Anonymous 02/21/23 (Tue) 17:35:37 5b6e08 No.18390186


Anonymous 02/21/23 (Tue) 17:35:59 f11102 (8) No.18390187

🚨 BREAKING: Trump just called out the state department for inching us toward WW3 The same state department that Ron Desantis, Adam Kinzinger & others wrote to requesting US support for the Maidan revolution that preceded the current war in Ukraine 3:33 PM · Feb 21, 2023


>Complete the Mission

>>18390186 ~2:05 Camera Angle Change "Complete the Mission" 151 Nov 14, 2017 12:51:10 PM EST Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: EV3pI+ol No. 149401052 How do you capture a very dangerous animal? Do you attack it from the front? Do you walk through the front door? Do you signal ahead of time you will be attacking? How do you distinguish between good and bad? Who do you trust to keep secrets? How do you prevent leaks? Who do you trust to COMPLETE THE MISSION? How do you prevent warnings being sent? Why is Adm R. so important? Why was the source code to former NSA collection p’s publicly released? How do you blind the Clowns In America? What was Snowden’s primary mission? What was Snowden’s real primary mission? Was Snowden truly acting on his own? Nothing is as it appears. What show is being put on by AG Sessions since his confirmation? What show is being put on by POTUS since AG Sessions’ confirmation? Why was AG Sessions’ confirmation challenged heavily? Why was RR’s confirmation smooth and easy? What was the vote count for RR? Why did Sessions recuse himself? Why is this relevant? What group has vocally supported RM repeatedly? How do you capture a very dangerous animal? Who is best to conduct the attack? What is the one force necessary to retain control? Why does the US Military play such a vital role in this global game of RISK? What is money without power? Why did POTUS depart Manila 30 min ahead of schedule? Why is AF1 landing in Hawaii? Does AF1 have in-air refueling ability? Nothing is as it appears. What was the DC vote breakdown between Trump & Clinton? What is the nickname for DC? Why would sealed indictments be outside of DC jurisdiction? What purpose would this serve? Why are judicial appointments being rapidly completed? Who can you trust? Have faith, Patriots. Q

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