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Trump Drops Dismissal MOTHERLODE; Jenna Ellis Guilty Plea DEFERRED! COHEN Testifies in Tishy's Trial

>>19796283 tyb lots going on. remember lawfare is being used as a media hit pieces to aid the media and the deep state as election interference. see below, for anons to catch up and share with those who are getting overwhelmed by the chaos. corp o7 ----- TITLE FOR BAKER IS RB COVERS TRUMP LAWFARE CASES LOTS OF LAWFARE GOING ON - ROBERT GOVEIA COVERS THE CASES, INCLUDING SEPARATING OUT THE COURTS CASES WHICH ARE MERGING INTO ONE BLOB THAT THE MEDIA IS USING TO ATTACK TRUMP AS OPTICS THAT EVERYONE IS ABANDONING HIM AND MAGA !!! Note: This is the full episode which probably break into separate sections. total runtime 2hr 23 minutes. ============= Trump Drops Dismissal MOTHERLODE; Jenna Ellis Guilty Plea DEFERRED! COHEN Testifies in Tishy's Trial

----------------- SHOW NOTES: Trump's defense drops a late night motherlode of motions to dismiss and other filings alleging Constitutional, Statutory, and Prosecutorial Misconduct violations. How many ways can Trump show this case is illegitimate? Let's review. #Trump #SpecialCounsel #JackSmith Convicted perjurer Michael Cohen is called to the stand to testify against Trump. Why would Tishy call someone who has a history of lying to Congress to testify in her case? Will anyone believe him? We review Cohen's testimony and the day's event courtesy of a trial thread from Adam Klasfeld @KlasfeldReports. #Trump #NYC #Trial Fani Willis is now 0-4 on guilty judgments and criminal convictions. Jenna Ellis completed a Deferred Adjudication proceeding in Georgia that means it is highly likely that all her charges will be dismissed and she will be "completely exonerated" in the words of the Court. We review the proceeding and the basics of Georgia's First Offender Act. #Trump #Georgia #FaniWillis

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