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The Vladimir Putin Interview

Tucker interviews Vladimir Putin in Moscow, Russia. February 6th, 2024.

Watch Tucker's immediate reaction to the interview here: Tucker interviews Vladimir Putin in Moscow, Russia. February 6th, 2024. Follow Tucker on X: Text “TUCKER” to 44055 for exclusive updates. #TuckerCarlson #journalism #VladimirPutin #Russia #Ukraine #JoeBiden #VolodymyrZelenskyy #freespeech #interview #news #politics #USA #Moscow #war #globalnews


>Summarys utilized the youtube transcripts, ChatGPT and a Firefox plugin known as Youtubedigest


Exclusive: Tucker Carlson Interviews Vladimir Putin

00:00 - 41:57

The interview provides insight into President Putin's perspective on Russia's historical ties to Ukraine and the West's actions post-Cold War. Putin argues that Russia's claims to parts of Ukraine date back centuries and criticizes NATO's expansion eastward, claiming broken promises and asserting Russia's right to protect its interests. He highlights past attempts at cooperation and accuses the West, particularly the US, of undermining Russia's security and sovereignty. Overall, Putin presents Russia's actions as defensive responses to perceived threats and betrayals, emphasizing the need for mutual respect and dialogue.

41:59 - 1:24:23

The discussion revolves around the events leading to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, highlighting political maneuvering, including Yanukovich's presidency, opposition support from the US, and the subsequent coup. The conversation delves into the issues of denazification in Ukraine, the complexities of international alliances, and the economic implications of the conflict, particularly concerning the use of the US dollar and China's role in global cooperation. Ultimately, the dialogue emphasizes the need for dialogue and cooperation to avoid further escalation and promote stability on a global scale.

1:24:25 - 2:07:15

The current American administration's stance is against Russia, regardless of who the president is. Russia achieved $230 billion in trade with China, showcasing balanced growth. The BRICS countries are rising due to global trends, not events in Ukraine. Past U.S. leaders' relationships with Russia weren't decisive. The U.S. mindset of dominance through force is counterproductive. Orthodox values underpin Russian identity. Negotiation is sought with Ukraine, but U.S. interference hinders peace efforts. Russia is open to dialogue but seeks reciprocal steps. The imprisonment of a journalist is seen as espionage, complicating negotiations. The conflict in Ukraine stems from broken promises and NATO expansion. A negotiated settlement is desired, but dignity must be preserved. The unity of the Russian people remains despite current tensions.


Bullet Points


Anonymous  02/08/24 (Thu) 18:11:50 ffe863 (63) No.20380669

So Putin just gave Tucker a yuge folder of docs…

"From the archives"

Pre-planned by the look of it.


Tucker / Putin Interview

>>20380610 Panic in DC delta

>>20380669, >>20380700, >>20381018 So Putin just gave Tucker a yuge folder of docs… "From the archives"

>>20380695, >>20380945, >>20380952, >>20380977 Putin: Before WW2, Poland collaborated with Hitler

>>20380715, >>20380759, >>20380751, >>20380701 Tucker isn't wearing an earpiece so is he fluent in Russian?

>>20380813, >>20380840 (31:00 min) Putin talks about asking Bill Clinton if Russia could join NATO

>>20380865 (34:00 min) Putin on the Iraq war

>>20380894 (38:00 min) Twice Putin tried to create relations with the US and Twice it was Undercut by the "Agency"

>>20380904, >>20380907 (46:00 min) PUTIN: …The CIA. An organization you wanted to join, as I understand…

>>20380933 Carlson: Do you have evidence that NATO or the CIA did it [Nord Stream]?

>>20381011 (47:00 min) in 2014 there was a coup & they Started Persecuting those that didn't accept the coup (DONBASS, Etc..)

>>20381027 (47:20 min) The Coup Leaders in Ukraine launched a war against the Donbass region for not accepting the coup

>>20381062 (48:50 min) Three european countires signed an agreement with the opposition (the Coup Leaders)

>>20381068 (50:00 min) CIA did it's job & completed the Coup - It cost 5 Billion

>>20381080 (51:00 min) the Minsk Agreement was signed in 2014 but Z didn't like it so he threw it out

>>20381099 President Putin: You know, you can give different interpretations to what constitutes a spy …

>>20381101 Putin mentions SWIFT transactions

>>20381129, >>20381135, >>20381154, >>20381172, >>20381200 (55:20 min) Tucker: What is De-Nazification?

>>20381135 President Putin: Why are the Ukrainian authorities dismantling the Ukrainian Orthodox Church? …

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