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The Biden Family's Most Treasonous Text Message

KanekoaTheGreat, [19.07.22 16:52] The Biden Family's Most Treasonous Text Message I have tried to make this text message go viral since I first discovered it on March 31, 2022. It’s unbelievable. This is the treason of the Biden family, summarized in one text message, written in Hunter's own words. Everything they accused the Trump family of doing with the Russia hoax, the Biden family was actually doing with Russia and China. The FBI has had Hunter’s laptop since 2019. U.S. intelligence, Congress, and the entire mainstream press has had access to Hunter’s laptop since 2020. I am one man working out of my living room trying to make this text message go viral. Last week, it got 2,500 retweets on Twitter, 3,000 re-truths on Truth Social, and was seen by hundreds of thousands of people on Telegram. To my friends that sent this to Tucker Carlson’s producer, the Gateway Pundit, and other media outlets. To all of you that have helped share it, retweet it, and get this out to the public. THANK YOU! But this needs to be seen by millions — not hundreds of thousands. I won’t stop until it goes viral. My question to you is how do we get this treasonous text message out to the world? How do we get President Trump and his family to share it? How do we get conservative outlets to report on it? @KanekoaTheGreat

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