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Suppression of Reach is Suppression of Speech

Anonymous 09/17/23 (Sun) 10:59:36 1fcab5 (34) No.19566877

James Watkins


Suppression of Reach is Suppression of Speech

It takes two to fight. The millions that were there for the speech did not fight. That is the real psyop. The few that caused trouble and disturbances, many of which were under the direct control of the FBI and the Capital police, have been elevated to the biggest part of the news. The real news of that day was that approximately 3 million people came to peacefully assemble and redress their grievances with the government. There is never an image of those 3 million people on the news. That is almost 1 % of the US Population (pre-Biden.) Not a peep. The insurrection was to derail the actual news of the day. The people spoke, and their reach was suppressed. It was suppressed by the oligarchs who run our country as selected representatives instead of elected representatives. When the people speak out. They would rather tear it all down than abdicate their thrones.



MP Colera III




Replying to @thejimwatkins and @MargauxR15

AntiFa was certainly there. It was supposed to be a big street fight.


3:43 AM · Sep 17, 2023

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