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Super Tuesday Preview Special with President Trump at Mar-a-Lago

Anonymous  03/05/24 (Tue) 10:41:42 e7a0a1 (13) No.20521021

and the same to you anon.

have you done you bit today and voted.



Note: probably will be around 1.15am gmt time for u.k anons.


LIVE: Super Tuesday Preview Special with President Trump at Mar-a-Lago - 3/4/24

Live from Palm Beach, Florida, RSBN will host a pre-Super Tuesday special with President Donald J. Trump on Monday, March 4, 2024.

Watch LIVE on RSBN starting at 7:15 p.m. ET.


djt statements during town hall, linked video.

President Trump: We're gonna close up the border, and we're going to have a big deportation, and we're gonna get bad people outta here, because we can't have it. We just can't have it.

President Trump: What they're doing is they're poisoning our country by allowing people to come in by the millions. I believe we have fifteen million people now, and I think it could be close to twenty million by the time this whole horrible nightmare ends. And we're gonna have to just solve that problem.

President Trump: Who would want open borders? You know, where people are coming from parts unknown, countries that you've never heard of, languages that nobody in this country speaks. You know, we don't even have teachers of some of these languages. Who would think that? We have languages that are like from the planet Mars. Nobody knows how to speak it.

President Trump: She's not a problem [Haley]. I think she's very negative for the party, but she's not a problem in terms of winning, because we're winning by a lot. The only place we expected to lose was DC, because that's the swamp.

President Trump: Like Fani and her lover, went to Washington, and spent at least two days that they know of, eight hour days, in the White House Council's office, or the DOJ, so they were working on this a long time, in conjunction with Joe Biden's White House. The DA's office has one of the top people from the Justice Department, that's Washington, in other words, Merrick Garland's people; put their top person in the DAs office to handle this case. And it's a nonsense case…all of these indictments are Biden indictments.

President Trump: We have the greatest military in the world, and don't worry about the woke that you hear…I got rid of a lot of people that taught 'woke'. They were making four hundred thousand a year, five hundred thousand; they were getting paid a fortune, I fired 'em all. But when Biden came back, he hired them back. But the military is tough, and they're not going woke.


Trump speaks on Supreme Court ruling restoring him to 2024 ballot (full speech)


djt statements outside mara lago after scotus decision on ballot

President Trump: They worked long [Supreme Court]. They worked hard. And frankly, they worked very quickly, on something that will be spoken about a hundred years from now, and two hundred years from now. Extremely important. Essentially, you cannot take somebody out of a race because an opponent would like to have it that way.

President Trump: I have rogue prosecutors, and I have rogue judges [coming after him]; I have judges that are out of control. And it's a very unfair thing for me, but serving, perhaps as a sample to others of what should not be happening when you make good decisions.

President Trump: A president should be free and clear, and frankly, celebrated for having done a good job., Not indicted four times, and not gone after on a civil basis. And not demanded to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in fines, on something that was absolutely perfect. Where there were no victims. Where the financial statements were absolutely flawless. Where you have disclaimer clauses. I mean, nobody's ever had a thing like this. I wasn't given a jury, and I had a Clubhouse judge just come up with this number.

President Trump: They can go after me as a politician. They can go after me with votes. But they're not going to go after me with that kind of lawsuit that takes somebody out of a race, who is leading in this case, but even if the person wasn't leading.

President Trump: Fani Willis' lover spent hours and hours at the White House, I guess with White House Council and with DOJ, plotting out this plan.


Anonymous  03/04/24 (Mon) 12:59:30  ce5178 (32) No.20516281






First time I noticed was when he was at the border in Texas…

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