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RIP Rush Limbaugh 1951-2021

When I returned back to the civilian sector (2010), I had the privileged of employment in fields that allowed earbuds all day. As where many of my coworkers squandered this time with the same old songs, filled with propaganda, I used it to learn anything and everything I could. Rush's radio shows were listened to almost daily for years. Rush was and will forever be an outstanding teacher and one of the greatest conservative personalities of all time. His legacy will long outlive my great grandchildren. Rush is a national hero in the likes of Paul Revere, with talent that was on loan from God. May he watch over us and and may his memory guide each of us through this Great Awakening.




President Trump Responds to Rush News on Newsmax.


Mark Levin Gets choked up speaking on Rush passing.


Anonymous 02/17/21 (Wed) 12:11:54 190b3f (3) No.12970703


Anonymous 02/17/21 (Wed) 12:14:57 3494b6 (13) No.12970887

>>12970746 Another angel has ascended, and now watches over us. Honor Rush by picking up the mantle, and carrying forth the torch that he carried for the past 30+ years. Let your passion and heartache guide you toward the Light. May God be with us, now more than ever.


Anonymous 02/17/21 (Wed) 12:25:10 9482e9 (3) No.12971635 >>12971922

>>12970995 He walked a razor's edge every day. I remember the day one of my gunsmiths came bursting thru the door, went to the radio and turned the station to Rush's program. We stared at the radio in stunned silence until someone said, "they are going to have to kill him. You can't say that stuff". Having had a democrat controlled house and senate for 40 years, total control of the narrative, all the levers of power for generations, we conservatives were lost in the wilderness, afraid to speak our minds thinking we were the oddballs, the misfits. Rush gave our thoughts voice, and by doing so freed us to use our own. We owe him literally everything as (true) conservatives and constitutionalists. He was the Donald Trump of media.


Anonymous 02/17/21 (Wed) 12:26:38 5cb43b (5) No.12971742

>>12971460 Finally found the truth, at Rush's website:




Just finished reading "First Patriots" to my kids last week, Thank you for everything Rush. My grandchildren will know who you are one day. I'll make sure of that.

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