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Review: Plandemics and Current Legal Proceedings

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This interview is DYNAMITE!! My notes from first 15 minutes are below; QR anon's remarks are attached. Reiner Fuellmich interview by Stéphane Blais and Dominic Desjarlais May 18, 2021 Great review of current legal activities and world around, the history of attempted planned pandemics, and the major players ~one hour + long (REMOVED) NOTES from first 15mins+ - background of RF (has taken on large corrupt corporations before) - 3 German lawyers got together to get answers to questions about corona - espec, how good is the pcr test - July 10 2021: set up Berlin cmte to interview experts - Q: How dangerous is the virus? not more than common flu ~11mins 12 yrs ago, WHO changed def of "pandemic" Used to be illness worldwide, very serious, caused many deaths - they dropped that last 2 reqt's Did it with Swine Flu in 2009, but Wolfgang Wodarg exposed the hoax Covid 19: Whole crisis started in Germany with these key parties: - Christian Drosten - Lothar Weiler, head of the Robert Koch Institute (like CDC) - a veternarian - M. Tedros, head of WHO - Wellcome Trust - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation They were all at the Global Health Summit conference in Germany ~17mins Drosten - a very strange person, probably has a FAKE doctorate never listed w/natl archives "this is so bizarre...but he is the poster boy for all of this'' DIG CALL on Christian Drosten, Lothar Weiler, Global Health Summit conference page 1

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>>55147 >>>/qresearch/13708867 So much is happening in the background… The most powerful lawyer in Europe, the man who brought down Volkswagen - REINER FUELLMICH - will bring down the elites and WHO in a Nuremberg 2.0. A few months ago, attorney REINER FUELLMICH spoke with Jerm Warfare about his plans to take WHO to court for crimes against humanity. He is one of the most powerful lawyers in Europe and is currently preparing the largest class action lawsuit in history, also known as "Nuremberg 2." A few days ago, REINER FUELLMICH spoke again with Jerm Warfare to discuss the current state of affairs. "There is light at the end of the tunnel," he said. "We've won court cases and will win many more." During the interview, he said of the Corona trial, "These are the worst crimes against humanity ever committed." The few people who can still think for themselves, about 10 to 20 percent of the population, knew it was never about a virus or health, but about thinning the world's population and control, he said. Nuremberg The Corona vaccines had nothing to do with vaccination, but were part of genetic experiments, he said. Fuellmich added that the players behind the scenes are making many mistakes. For example, he believes vaccine manufacturers did not anticipate that so many side effects would already be occurring. He spoke to a whistleblower who said that initially the plan was not to roll out the whole scenario until 2050. But then the masterminds got greedy and it was decided to implement the plans much earlier, the whistleblower said. "I think that's why they're making so many mistakes," said Füllmich, who solicited testimony from more than 100 scientists and experts. It is possible, the lawyer added, that a special court, "Nuremberg 2," will be needed because the case is now so large that it could exceed national courts. "We have the evidence." Europe: main battleground Who are the people pulling the strings? According to REINER FUELLMICH, it is a group of about 3000 super-rich. This group includes, among others, Klaus Schwab's Davos clique. What do they want? Full control over people. "They bribe doctors, hospital staff and politicians. People who don't cooperate are threatened. They use all kinds of psychological techniques to manipulate people. " Füllmich also spoke with another whistleblower who explained why Europe is the main battleground in this war. "Europe is completely bankrupt. The pension funds have been completely robbed. That's why they want to get Europe under control before people figure out what's going on. " A lot of people are going to die. The mainstream media pretends that a majority of people are in favor of the measures. But according to the lawyer, that is not the case. Almost everyone he talks to in Germany knows that masks, for example, don't help and informs themselves about alternative media. " The old media are dying." His advice? Spread the truth and facts as widely as possible, and don't waste your energy on people who really want to get vaccinated. "We can't save everyone. A lot of people are going to die. " page 2

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>>55147 >>55149 Reiner Fuellmich interview by Stéphane Blais and Dominic Desjarlais VIEW HERE: FU YT

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