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ReveaIed: Identities Of Maricopa Elections Employees Who Deleted Files From Server BEFORE Audit

Anonymous 08/01/22 (Mon) 00:00:28 ecc40f (1) No.16943551

VIDEO REVEALS IDENTITIES OF MARICOPA COUNTY EMPLOYEES WHO DELETED FILES FROM ELECTION SERVER Sorry everyone the AUDIO IS AIDS! but this shows the few people including Brian Ramirez - database admin for maricopa county Bring the PAIN


Anonymous 07/31/22 (Sun) 20:56:20 93b198 (18) No.16942950

Bombshell Presentation Reveals Identities Of Maricopa County Elections Employees Who Deleted Files From Election Server BEFORE Maricopa County Audit The hearing also featured a bombshell testimony revealing exactly who in Maricopa County deleted subpoenaed 2020 Election files before delivery to Arizona Senate auditors. The County was clearly hiding something.


Anonymous 07/31/22 (Sun) 21:33:13 93b198 (18) No.16943068

Steve Bannon Calls Into Arizona Election Security Forum: Maricopa County Will Be At The Top Of “MASSIVE Investigation Adjudicating What Went On On November 3rd”

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