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I've always encouraged all anons to check the notables and lurk themselves. Never rely on one source of information, but watch all of their moves, all the time. This personal tactic has made it difficult to find a clique that I fit into, though I have watched as many cliques have derailed and been misdirrected for whatever reason. Even big accounts have been questionable at times.. Who does what, when?.. What could they have done and didn't, what reason did they have to behave that way?.. How have they behaved in the past?.. Always maintaining a focus of the overall plan and perspective.

The /qr/ boards are the source of the digital war that has been taking place 5 years since Q posted, 7 years since Trump announced, Decades since JFK's assassination, and even longer than Eisenhower warned us about the Military industrial complex. Please learn and teach others how to navigate through it to be more effective and help where and when they can. If you are new to /qresearch/ or the chans realize you should lurk, and learn how things operate before you jump into conversation. The people who post there on a regular basis are not your run of the mill social media accounts, though almost all big social media accounts get their news feed from the notables there. We also have regular visitors from the enemies side. Recognize the psychological aspects of good and evil, the shills and bots, etc, but for now just read. Read the replies and understand the navigation through discussions. -You may often see things that are outside of your comfort zone but understanding the function and purpose of the board and what it represents for 'We the People' as a free speech board working together is very important to the long term success of the full mission. It's also often the most entertaining places on the internet by far. Sometimes the shills can make it disturbing. Learn to filter.

This place (Qnotables) was meant to be a comfortable place to ask questions for learning and sharing relevant and current important information in a public space on a longer term collaborative research basis, another way we could all work together to learn and share information more efficiently. I am always open to helpful suggestions for design or possible features. Comments in addition to articles with supporting information or contradictory claims refuting the archived notables are extremely helpful. I have tried to build a functional public use stepping stone for overall /qr/ interaction and for the realization of the war that is and has taken place. Presenting the evidence of the enemy that we all face and the actualized power of the /Qresearch/ board. The place were we can all fight with, and expose the cabal daily, anonymously. Knowledge is power, You awake is their greatest fear.


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