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President Trump Sits down with Mark Levin - Part 2 (12.5.21)

Obama was divisive but people were quiet about it, but the Biden administration is far worse.

Who wouldn't want voter Id?

Who wouldn't want a secure border?

Who wouldn't want a strong military?

There will be a point were the Country can't come back and we cant reach that point.

Had we not had a rigged election we would have peace in the middle east. They were lined up. Israel is in big trouble

Mark: Taiwan?

China has been ripping us off for years. I put tariffs on. But when covid came in it hurt my relationship with president XI. Had covid not hit us we would have had the greatest 4 years of economic success in the history of the world.

Israel was safe with me. Iran would have made a deal with me.

Biden made a terrible mistake while sitting with XI - You know the MISTAKE

Michael Sussman - Marc Elias

Russia, Russia, Russia - HRC

John Mccain - Sent a copy of the fake report to the FBI.

Perkins Coie - If you did a movie no one would believe it.

"The future is going to very interesting."

Rush Limbaugh Tribute -

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