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President Trump on Newsmax - Anon Notes

Anonymous 02/01/22 (Tue) 22:48:55 58ef33 (12) No.15524298

>China could make a move on Taiwan after Olympics

>Russia could move on Ukraine

>Vindman phonecall hoax

>board crises more important than the inflation

>includes billions of dolars of drugs coming over

>will take a long time to fix, but inflation could be done easily by taking control of energy crisis

>energy costs are so high we're going back to OPEC

>and we're going to Russia to ask for energy for the East coast USA can you believe that

>New England which is liberal has the highest energy crisis in the nation and they buy from Russia

>we didnt need anybodys energy when I was there , we made our own and it was very inexpensive

>strategic reserves drained to try and reduce oil prices thats not what they're for

>I've never had better poll numbers never had more support in the party or outside it and the reason is our country is going to Hell

>the whole thing started with china and the china virus

>goes along with covid hoax but doesnt push vax

>says no forced vax and pushes therapeutics

>they were staging a coup against Trump

>they hit us with phony investigations still continuing always continuing

>Pelosi turned down the troops on J6

>Dems are trying to reverse law that VP can call bullshit on fraudulent election but they said at the time that was illegal or something

>J^ prisoners being treated horribly

>Trump "would absolutely give them a pardon"

>these people are in jail in a horribl disgusting dirty jail and must of them are not guilty

>even the courts which are far left are mad about it

>he's "going back in" to presidency absolutely

>we're gonna MAGAA

>they gave $85 Billion worth of equi-pment handed it to the Taliban the enemy and then they had a parade saying what a stupid country America is

>they have a parade showing off 70,000 trucks 700k machine guns and other weapons, nightgoggles right out of the box it was better than what we have, planes tanks everything.

>his book because people needed something to feel better

>it's delayed because supply shortages in Biden economy

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