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'ParentGate' initiative launched to impeach Biden's AG and Education Sec.

Anonymous 01/21/22 (Fri) 19:21:46 5f30b2 (4) No.15432365

After Attorney General Merrick Garland and Education Secretary Miguel Cardona came for American parents, a new "ParentGate" campaign is coming for them courtesy of the Constitutional Rights PAC. The Wednesday announcement said that the initiative would demand the impeachment of the two men, who are alleged to have conspired with the National School Boards Association to go after parents who speak up in opposition to critical race theory, face masks, and gender ideology at school board meetings. The charge against the Biden appointees is that they are seeking to deny parents of their rights to free speech enshrined in the First Amendment. Founding Member of the ParentGate Coalition David Dudenhoefer said that "There has never in the history of our country been such a blatant attempt by cabinet-level members of an administration to target innocent Americans, label them as 'domestic terrorists,' persecute and prosecute them, and deprive them of their constitutional rights as we have seen in the malevolently orchestrated Garland-Cardona-NSBA ParentGate conspiracy." The goal of the ParentGate initiative is to bring pressure to bear on federal legislators to bring impeachment proceedings against the progressive appointees. For Larry Ward, Chairman of the Constitutional Rights PAC, it is Garland and Cardona who are particularly complicit in coming after parents, both before and after the notorious NSBA letter. "Mr. Garland and Mr. Cardona are clearly guilty of conspiring with the National School Board Association to deny parents nationwide of the First Amendment rights to freedom of speech," Ward said. "And then lying about it after the fact. The one million members of the Constitutional Rights PAC will not rest until both Cardona and Garland are duly impeached and removed from office."

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