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Oklahoma man who called 911 on human trafficking speaks out

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Oklahoma man who called 911 on human trafficking speaks out


Mar 30, 2022

KFOR Oklahoma's News 4

At least 50 kids were packed inside a semi. Rescuer estimates all of them were between 10 and 16 years old. The younger kids looked like they had been beaten and starved.


now more details on story so bizarre. it's almost hard to believe it. a human trafficking investigation now underway after an estimated 50 people were seen piling from the back of a broken down semi in Mclean county. it is believed the majority of them are from south America and they have been packed in the back of the truck like sardines for nearly 24 hours. well, tonight we're hearing from the man who saw the whole thing first hand and police news four's Kayla took a trip to Mclean county to talk with Josh Whitman crews owns and this semi truck maintenance company where everything unfolded. >> luckily, his whole crew speak Spanish and they were able to get details from the victims who says he says looks like a starving, beaten and helpless children.

>> we're very fortunate to be in the right place the right time Monday night on a rural highway near Wayne, a broken down semi in several SUVs pulling into the lot across the street from Joshua Cruz's business thinking it was a new customer. he and his crew went over to help start pulling out its best of the driver of truck down without slam the door. >> around the corner. but we had heard banging on the side of trailer, people screaming help me, help me. we open the back of a trailer that was full of.

>> Cruz says at least 50 kids packed inside. he estimates all of them were between 10 and 16 years old. there's 6 or 7 water drinking bottles that have been filled with your nation. the defecated all over the trailer speaking Spanish. some of the victims telling the crew they are Guatemalan taken against their will in Texas. The Mclean county sheriff's office tells us they've been in the truck for 20 hours straight.

The younger kids looked like they had been beaten and they've been starved. after giving them food and water Cruz called 9-1-1. while on the phone, the men in the SUVS came back allegedly armed. the crew also locked and loaded. I told them you need to get some officers down here pretty quick because it is going to be a big gun fight. >> people were screaming, do not let them get us. they're going to kill us. but when the lights and sirens pulled up, crew says the suspects and the majority of the victims scattered. 7 stayed with the crew. thank god that we were able to help them.

>> right now a number of state agencies are looking for the remaining 40 or so victims along with the suspect. as for those seven victims that were rescued they are currently in custody and the sheriff department is trying to get them some help.

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