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The Research Board where the Notables are aggregated is under heavy attack by shill bakers. The below are unfiltered notables from breads in which stopped updating. Some of which are potentially baked by shill bakers. USE DISCERNMENT

If anyone wants to step up and help convert Notables into blog posts let me know. I created this site with the goal to bring together a team of Patriot anons to build out a trusted citizen journalist group. I personally only have a few hours a week that I can dedicate to related projects. Currently working out streamlining my processes to be able to put out more information in less time. A video type production is in the works as well.

USE DISCERNMENT - I'm planning on making a basic how to video for new eyes so that you can at least learn how to LURK on the research boards. How to get there tools you need etc.


#14002 >>10945732 Anons notables from Bread #14001 >>10945734, >>10945755 Unsealing files poses 'grave safety risks,' Shermans' estate trustees tell top court >>10945738 Eyewash, over classification by CIA and FBI. Grenell has said the same, they hide docs by doing this >>10945749 New DJT: FEELING GREAT! >>10945783 @dbongino: This 2018 thread is about to become REALLY important again. Re: Bill Priestap >>10945788, >>10945813 Early voting starts in TX today’s, 1,000s line up. List of early voting states >>10945789 New DJT: I am looking forward to the debate >>10945807, >>10946008, >>10946053. >>10946203 PF Reports - Why is a Pakistani Air Force plane flying over DC right now? >>10945826 Anon thinks POTUS' comments last night indicate he was targeted and knows >>10945832 Chinese authorities recently arrested the mother of Chinese virologist whistleblower, Yan Limeng >>10945840 Kellyanne's daughter (vid embed) >>10945903 Harvest Christian Pastor Greg Laurie tests positive for COVID-19 after attending Rose Garden ceremony >>10945746, >>10945750, >>10945913 Depiction of Narrative Promotion by Major Media; and pushing of innuendo as if fact. >>10945920 Quick Dig on Ivanka tweet re: Flu Shots >>10945950 Fashion Nova accused of sexualizing kids with new clothing line >>10945880 Regarding the advertisement section at the top of the bread >>10945969 Fed chair Powell is holding a virtual conference with National Association for Business Economics. >>10945989 CNN: Facebook removes Trump post about the flu and coronavirus >>10945999 Only a fraction of Qanon supporters believe outlandish claims, says poll >>10946139 New Technology Refuses Entrance To Shops If You're Not Wearing A Face Mask >>10946173 San Jose: Astronomical bail challenged for suspect held in mayor’s house vandalism >>10946186 Critics question involvement of Gates, Soros, Clintons in contact tracing efforts (ytube embed) >>10946238 Digg on Indian lab that manufactured a virus that causes COVID-19 >>10946258 WH overruled new FDA guidelines regarding vaccines >>10946311 James Comey Clinton Foundation connections >>10946259 Pool reporter thinks we will hear from POTUS sometime today >>10946410 #14002 #14001 >>10944980 Nevada BLM roadway cattleprod >>10945083 John Basham twitter on CIA and FBI reaction to DNI Ratcliffe >>10945327 Hemmingway tweet WH reporters CV19+ >>10945361, >>10945449 Nearly 400 Church of England Figures Have Been Convicted of Child Sex Abuse >>10945385 Young beyonce as the white rabbit late bread baker change >>10945533, >>10945492, >>10945304 PF Reports >>10945346 Western companies pouring big money into China >>10945313 U.S. judge orders Iran to pay $1.4B over missing former FBI agent Seriously?…Good luck with that… >>10945582 DOJ 150th Anniversary Today (ytube embed) >>10945572 Former Biden Chief of Staff Now Executive VP at Fox! >>10945625 #14001 #14000 >>10944164 , >>1094489 Veritas targets react like veritas targets >>10944239 , >>10944244, >>10944255 Elon Musk twat: 5 minutes from launch. Looks good so far >>10944259 QAnon conspiracies go global in pandemic 'perfect storm' >>10944272 , >>10944275 Herridge tweets >>10944286 All for a larp >>10944305 Curt Mills twat: “Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), tested positive, said he'll go to the Capitol ‘in a moon suit,’… to vote to confirm Judge ACBarrett to the SC.” >>10944315 CNN (10/4): The White House press pool was not notified about Trump's movement outside of Walter Reed >>10944321 Moar Vatican + CCP >>10944342 Bomb Squad responds to 'small audible alarms' taped to political campaign signs in Easton MD >>10944381 LA protesters gather outside police headquarters, smash windows of nearby building; At least 1 arrested: report >>10944396 Los Angeles Times top editor Norman Pearlstine to resign >>10944406, >>10944430 Found out how the Chink Flu got into the White house >>10944440 Supreme Court reinstates South Carolina ballot witness requirement >>10944451 POTUS on a sub >>10944581 -1 >>10944462 POTUS tweet >>10944452, >>10944611, >>10944714 Planefag Reports >>10944482, >>10944729, >>10944743 Doc who invented the covid test died a few weeks before event 201 >>10944569 Sunrun Inc. sold by Tiger Global Mgmt: $395.42m-Oct 1,2 & 5 >>10944582 New Video Supports Our Initial Observations that BLM Is Connected to Democrats, Communists, Terrorists and China >>10944589 Texas Rangers investigating fatal officer-involved shooting incident in Wolfe City >>10944599 Ivanka flu shot tweet >>10944613 , >>10944621 Church of England "failed" to protect Children from sexual predators >>10944790 A polo field, nightclub, & the location for a Britney Spears video: Hotelier Patrick Nesbitt's $55m oceanfront Montecito estate will be auctioned off >>10944839 #14000 >>10945179 Reposted in #14001

#13999 1/2 >>10943371 Blue checkmark Ben Tracy more afraid of a virus than he is being in North Korea >>10943404, >>10943404 Pictures are from Sean Penn's CORE charity (Community Organized Response Effort), formerly known as "J/P Haitian Relief Organization". >>10943384 Find it very strange that the inventer of the PCR test Dr Mullins died 4 months before Covid-19 was released on the world. >>10943398 Oliver Darcy is going to wake up the next day still being Oliver Darcy. >>10943419 POTUS twatted 20 twats with the word "VOTE" in caps yesterday morning…not sure if there's any significance >>10943445 Man who conspired with 9/11 hijackers sues Trump and US officials alleging 'cover up' >>10943450 Hit piece on QAnon >>10943461, >>10943478 Tucker Carlson piece and meme >>10943472 TORONTO – Former Liberal prime minister John Turner is being laid to rest in Toronto Tuesday. >>10943476 Tell that shitbag to call Eric Holder/Robert Mueller >>10943488 FLOTUS being FLOTUS >>10943491 Richard Moore takes position: Chief of British Intelligence Agency MI6 on Thursday October 1 >>10943499 Planefag >>10943526, >>10943530 These people want to trademark QAnon to cash in on novelty hats >>10943537 Conspiracy QAnon Raises Controversy Over New Movie ‘Cuties’ >>10943548 Tensions rise in 7th District after death threats to Malinowski, QAnon slur, GOP ad >>10943558 Re-noting New Project Veritas Video Reveals Mark Kelly's REAL Anti-Gun Agenda for Arizona >>10943563 Hit piece Why Facebook needs to be more paranoid about QAnon >>10943576, >>10943578 hit piece QAnon, the decentralized far-right conspiracy network, makes it into the mainstream >>10943582 Against Fear President Trump’s handling of his coronavirus diagnosis models positive masculinity—rational and unbowed. >>10943583 James Comey and Robert Mueller have Massive Clinton Foundation Problems >>10943588 Biden Threatens Religious Freedom, Suggests Christians With Certain Traditional Views Are 'Dregs of Society' >>10943594 POSTED ON OCTOBER 5, 2020 BY SCOTT JOHNSON IN LAW, MICHAEL FLYNN, RUSSIA INVESTIGATION JUDGE SULLIVAN PROTRACTS FLYNN’S ORDEAL >>10943604 US attorney tapped by Barr to review process of 'unmasking' resigns from DOJ >>10943606 James Comey and Robert Mueller have Massive Clinton Foundation Problems >>10943607 Re-noted Trump and Barr looking to use anti-Mafia law to crack down on protesters >>10943609 Hillary Clinton explained that her family was “dead broke” by the time that her husband, President Bill Clinton, left the White House, but the couple still spent millions on expensive homes in Washington, D.C. and New York. >>10943615 Cunningham cancels appearance after second allegation >>10943618 Andrew McCabe hearing scrapped after he refuses to testify over COVID-19 >>10943624 NYT: Say, Why Is Biden Being So “Cagey” About His Health? >>10943630 Could It Happen Here? The Parallels Between Soviet Bloc and Modern US - speculation >>10943632, >>10943634 Nigel Farage's NEW plan to dethrone Boris Johnson exposed amid Brexit chaos >>10943641 President Trump Announces He Is Planning on Participating in October 15th Debate with Joe Biden and His Former Intern >>10943650, >>10943654 CIA Director Gina Haspel and the British Role in the Anti-Trump Plot >>10943653 Most presidents would want to distance themselves. Trump rushes to their defense. >>10943665, >>10943667 CHRIS FARRELL JUDICIAL WATCH It’s Time To Have All Of The Facts About Russiagate >>10943669 Hollywood Celebs Erupt with Rage over Trump Leaving Walter Reed: ‘Faking Recovery!’ Doctors ‘Lying for a Mass Murderer’ >>10943678 State Dept. officials told they broke law by monitoring Americans during Ukraine scandal >>10943688, >>10943699, >>10943702 Why Pompeo’s Crusade Against the Pope Failed - Hit piece? >>10943697 Re-noting ‘Some black woman’: Video of Joe Biden saying why people stayed home during pandemic goes viral >>10943701 Biden says he should not have called Trump a clown in first debate >>10943716 Joe Biden Admits He Has No Support From Law Enforcement In 2020 (VIDEO) >>10943720 India has conducted five missile tests in the last two weeks. >>10943825 #13999 1/2 #13999 2/2 >>10943772, >>10943776 United States Attorney John F. Bash Announces Resignation >>10943786, >>10943795 Hungary’s Crackdown on Soros-Linked Schools Ruled Illegal by EU Top Court >>10943787 >>10943794 Former Fox News Regular Joe diGenova Claims Network Is Beholden to George Soros >>10943801 The American public needs to see the three reports @DevinNunes said >>10943809, >>10943819 Doesn't he resemble Lord Rothschild? >>10943833 Here is the mp4 of the lady getting arrested w a trump flag at biden rally. >>10943843 Re-noting Intel Sources: CIA Director Gina Haspel Banking On Trump Loss To Keep Russiagate Documents Hidden >>10943871 Race-baiting leftists hoping to paint the president as a white supremacist were no doubt shocked with news Monday that completely busted their narrative. >>10943877 QAnon hit piece Sex-trafficking survivors say 'infuriating' QAnon conspiracy theories are silencing their voices >>10943896 Why Do Republicans Fall for the White Supremacy Trap? >>10943906 How did QAnon conspiracies spread so fast in 2020? >>10943913 Joe Biden Falsely Claims “18,000 People Got Clemency” While He Was VP – Actually, 18,000 Were *Denied* Clemency While He Was VP (VIDEO) >>10943921 Michigan's Whitmer Blames Court's GOP Appointees for Blocking COVID Actions >>10943926 NBA Finals Ratings Crash Again, Reaching Back-to-Back Historic Lows >>10943931 Another hit piece ‘A perfect storm’: Experts worry as QAnon conspiracies go global - posing ‘an incredible threat to public health’ >>10943961, >>10943966 Trump Camp Runs Ads Defending Conspiracy Theorists >>10943994 Re-noting Executive order blocking property of persons involved in serious human rights abuse or corruption >>10944000 It is like someone is causing the POWER GRID to attenuate >>10944035 TOP KEK! Well..if nothing else anons we have shattered that magic… >>10944053 QAnon Times: Headline BreadWars.png >> #13999

#13998 >>10942574 New porn drama Adult Material will make many viewers squirm with discomfort >>10942589 John McAfee indicted for tax evasion >>10942596 Former Saudi spy chief: Palestinian leaders have been 'failures' for 70 years >>10942604 John Hagee, prominent pro-Israel evangelical pastor, ill with Covid-19 >>10942607 U.S. Army Pacific >>10942610 Leader of Bobov Hasidic sect tests positive for Covid-19 >>10942616 A dozen dead bodies found in abandoned vans in rural Mexico >>10942618 Los Angeles: Antifa / BLM black bloc militants breaking into empty stores in downtown LA. >>10942621 MK Moshe Abutbul tests positive for coronavirus >>10942634 ORANGE MAN BAD! Brought to you by the morons at the DNC >>10942641, >>10942664, >>10942669 BLOODLINES / BANKING CARTEL >>10942642 Anons personal question >>10942686, >>10942687 Resignation news 10/5/2020 >>10942693, >>10942712 anons discussion on voting machines and theories >>10942759 Israeli minister urged to step down after traveling despite lockdown & revealing Covid-19 diagnosis >>10942801 Anon calls to flip a poll. Are you afraid of #Covid ? >>10942806 Picture compilation of POTUS >>10942736, >>10942840 Anons decode possibly? >>10942901 HISTORY MATTERS - The U.S. Survey Course on the Webhome >>10942979 [An "ex-lib" describes her journey out of mind control.] >>10943035 A son moves his chair next to his mother to comfort her at the funeral of her late husband, a member of staff says they’ve “been told” and asked to separate. >>10943044 Sen. Inhofe Documents Clinton’s Culpability in Chinagate >>10943064 Simone Gold posts 10/5/20 update on C19 among students on campus since August from 50 US universities. >>10943139 Re-adding to notes. Joe Biden: “The reason I was able to stay sequestered in my home is because some Black woman was able to stock your grocery shelf.” >>10943193 A volunteer fire brigade rescued a rat stuck in a hole in a manhole cover in Germany yesterday. >>10943206 #13998 #13997 >>10942283 Foreign spies target Walter Reed hospital for Trump’s health data >>10942257 Interactive tool masks covid 19 >>10942188 Opening the Senate on Monday, Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the hearing would be in a hybrid format >>10942182 , >>10942194 Q post 4250 who wears a mask who does not >>10942113 Top International Epidemiologists Launch Petition for Focused Protections and an End to Lockdowns >>10942030 , >>10942108 New 2020 Map: His last map 2016 election predicted @realDonaldTrump would win 30 states >>10941910 , >>10941985 PAIN BY Q (Devouring Time) >>10941894 Portland voters favor mayoral candidate Sarah Iannarone >>10941887 ,>>10941902, >>10942000 Jake Tapper also reached new TDS levels today. >>10941886 Senator Cruz says Chief Justice John Roberts 'despises Donald Trump' >>10941873 Biden aims to expand map as Trump recovers from coronavirus >>10942397 #13997

//Where IS 13996???

13996 was omitted by shill baker again use discernment on all of these notables in particular //

//Board Drama//

>>10941741 Comms BV is deleting the evidence of the manufactured bomb threat by DSB/GB BAKER

>>10941623 Katie Couric in panic mode


>>10941611 I feel bad for Bill Batt, finding out how many corrupt officials are at the DOJ

>>10941309 1967 Greek coup d'état

>>10941299 James Woods tweet 'Close the lid Jim' comms

>>10941241 Catherine Herridge “As Americans, we all have the right to believe whatever we want, but we don’t have a right to carry out acts of violence

>>10941232 DrEricDing for keks

>>10941218 CIA Director Haspel and the Anti-Trump Conspirators

>>10941205 , >>10941251, >>10941300 New Presidential Permits and Executive order

>>10941204 More Melbourne Insanity: Mom Arrested At Beach For Traveling 'Outside Her Permitted 5km Radius'

>>10941170 @LarryElder plans to tackle the lack of fathers in the Black community by Restoring the Nuclear Family

>>10941130 Something sketchy built into or under the Hoover building

>>10941067 Dan Scavino

>>10940984 Hit piece 'We can't let them win'

>>10940972 The Untold History of Pepe the Frog

>>10938712 POTUS tweet

>>10938820 POTUS arriving home tweet

>>10940137 Anon analysis of ACB Nomination/possible POTUS infection dig

>>10940147 Media again exposed as hypocrits

>>10940249 YMCA Y heads?

>>10940265 Right before DEBATE. Man wipes Trumps podium where he puts his hands

>>10940129 Top Biden aid who propsed POTUS scandle

>>10940476 Bill Binney (NSA Data Analyst) mini bun over SCOTUS denial of his lawsuit

>>10940645 PF Update

>>10939209 BIDEN QUOTE

>>10939223 SC reinstates witness requirement for mail in ballots in South Carolina

>>10939250 CNN’s Tapper on Trump’s ‘Don’t Be Afraid of COVID’ Tweet: ‘There Are Children Who Don’t Have Parents Now’ (what a tell!)

>>10939259 Gov. Cuomo apologizes for using 14-year-old pic to threaten COVID-19 synagogue shutdowns

>>10939268 Even ebot fighting back.

>>10939311 Gina Haspel Banking On Trump Loss To Keep Russiagate Documents Hidden…

>>10939313 Obama/Clinton seditious conspiracy exposed….

>>10939320 Judge Barrett’s hearings will begin one week from today

>>10939630 WAPO Rubin wants Walter Reed to be defunded for potentially causing a health hazard after releasing President Donald

>>10939341 HBO film Agents of Chaos linked to Glenn Simpson

>>10939436 Biden bombed Belgrade; Trump brokered economic normalization between Serbia and Kosovo

>>10939389 Governor Newsom warned Californians of a second wave for COVID-19 at his weekly press conference today.

>>10939642 OSS exposed all the comms board fags and then retired, here's all of his post

>>10939711 Judicial Watch got material about Strzok wanting to use counter-intel briefings at @realDonaldTrump WH to spy on president

>>10939743 PCR you can make any test negative or positive based on the iterations of amplification. Dial a result.

>>10939831 Teach your children the truth about Marxism

>>10939866, >>10939951 Binney: what is NSA collecting in Denver, Salt Lake etc? #illegalSpying

>>10939892 LIVE: NYPD marching down street

>>10939645 Candidate for mayor or Portland showing her loyalty to the Communist Party of China.

>>10940031 GOP deploys secret weapon against vulnerable Democrats: Ilhan Omar

>>10940034 about HOUSTON CHINESE CONSULATE being connected to local Dem State Rep and his wife a CBS FakeNews reporter

#13993 >>10938760, >>10938820 NEW PDJT >>10938712 NEW PDJT >>10938180 Some real winners here >>10938201 More interfax digging… >>10938214 Acosta cannot hold back. He is so pissed POTUS survived >>10938213 Begun, the ABC news MEMEWAR Has >>10938247 quad 7's, the 1093 Q post with video >>10938336 #FlyEaglesFly >>10938359 Round-up >>10938378 USNHistory >>10938387 CNN is so over the top pissed POTUS survived. They cannot even hide it >>10938394 WHAT HAPPENED 20 YEARS AGO TODAY.? >>10938410 Joes after the little girls again folks! >>10938497 DEVELOPING: Threats from the FBI and CIA of "graymail" or the threat of revealing state secrets if cases go to trial, has also been hamstringing the Durham investigation, sources say >>10938526 JUST IN: White House says it will not mandate masks for staff, officials & aides. >>10938550, >>10938951 twatter is censoring POTUS again source is twatter >>10938597 POTUS Morse Signal (video) >>10938623 Statement by Creepy Joe >>10938673 U.S. indicts anti-virus software creator John McAfee for tax evasion - Repost >>10938714 James Woods Twitter >>10938765 Erin Albright, a 'human trafficking expert' who works for Justice Clearinghouse as a 'consultant." >>10938814 Open up the schools, in fact open everything up and throw away the masks >>10938852 U.S. Takes Stake In Battery Metals Miner To Counter Chinese Control >>10938862 Binney: Supreme Court denied petitition >>10938865 NJ Gov Phil Murphy wants to cure death. >>10938883 Last paragraph stuck out… "interference of certain U.S. Embassy officials in the internal affairs of Ukraine" >>10939060 PF >>10939098 #13993 Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.

Anonymous 10/05/20 (Mon) 20:25:24 d3a221 (14) No.10939127 #13992 >>10937225 BREAKING: Florida’s online voter registration website malfunctioning hours before tonight’s permanent registration deadline. >>10937231 NEW PDJT Will be back on the Campaign Trail soon >>10937234 Mark Levin says Facebook is censoring his content >>10937262 Lockdown: The New Totalitarianism >>10937296, >>10937305 KEKBEES is 100% comms >>10937295, >>10937299 Marine1 arriving to carry POTUS home. >>10937319 Sex trafficking survivors say 'infuriating' QAnon conspiracy theories are silencing their voices >>10937323 U.S. Rep. Michael Cloud defends decision to not vote on resolution condemning QAnon >>10937366 RE CoV2 caused “mental alteration” in 1/3 patients. >>10937379 Wow—Joe Biden Just Made ANOTHER Comment on the Campaign Trail That Sounds Awfully Racist >>10937380 BREAKING: Arkansas Police Officer Dead, Another Officer Injured In Shooting >>10937388, >>10937456 Larry Crenshaw >>10937527, >>10937499 POTUS walks out of Walter Reid Medical Center >>10937492 WAYNE ROOT: Trump Just Became “Captain America”…and Democrats are Losing Their Minds >>10937545 Lindsey Graham Announces Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings >>10937603 Senate Panel Announces Oct. 12 Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing >>10937630, >>10937751, >>10937777 Marine 1 Bun >>10937669 Facebook breakup would be ‘complete nonstarter’: memo leaked ahead of antitrust report >>10937721 CEOs of 3 Tech Giants to Testify at Oct. 28 Senate Hearing >>10937838 5.10.20 >>10937861 David Gergen just now: "We may be in the grip of a madman." >>10937862 Live: Trump returns to White House on Marine 1 >>10937903 20 years ago news on Trump Just Anon FYI. Name "Barrack" comes up. >>10937995 WIND OF CHANGE Boris Johnson to unleash green energy revolution with pledge to have wind powering every home within 10 years >>10938002 O7 >>10938029 Friendly mask reminder for the MSM >>10938031 Just before Obama left office, U.S. officials feared Hunter Biden firm in Ukraine paid second bribe >>10938033 Note POTUS reference to twenty years ago. This was the headline in the NY POST exactly 20 years ago today. >>10938055 31 -yea, 18-nay >>10938072 #13992

#13991 >>10936925 NEW PDJT >>10936441 Here are the latest pending sealed federal indictments >>10936481 Iran Threatens To "Sink" UAE & Israel Over 3 Disputed Islands In Gulf >>10936493 Senate Judiciary Hearing For Amy Coney Barrett To Take Place Oct 12-15 >>10936506, >>10936519 Nearly 1/3 of Covid Patients in Study Had Altered Mental State >>10936508 Is every single member of the White House press corps who were present for the recent briefing going to isolate at home for 2 weeks now? If not, why not? >>10936509 Expanding on Jennifer Rubin's epic meltdown… >>10936511 QAnon People >>10936523, >>10936684 Burisma admits to bribing Joe Biden with a lump sum payment of around $900,000 USD in a Ukrainian criminal court today. >>10936536 Maine High School Student Kicked Off Zoom Class Over Trump Flag >>10936558 In Illinois, The Ultimate "Fair Tax" Treachery Is The Ballot Itself >>10936592 UPDATED - POUTS Schedule for MONDAY October 5, 2020 >>10936623 It's time to lift the veil on George Soros >>10936640, >>10936702, >>10936707 John McAfee Indicted for Tax Evasion - Allegedly Hid Cryptocurrency, a Yacht, Real Estate and Other Properties in Nominee Names to Evade Taxes >>10936663 QClock - DECLAS For tomorrow (:14) >>10936675, >>10936733 MSM Panic >>10936573, >>10936589 BlueAnon? Another Distraction >>10936565, >>10936603 Bigg happenings Reminders >>10936603 Rudy Giuliani has alleged that a Ukrainian natural-gas company that employed Joe Biden’s son Hunter also paid the former vice president $900,000 in lobbying fees. (NYPO) >>10936591 Jim Under Fire Anons, Good Look on Catching That Bomb Threat And Reporting Them to Proper Authorities! >>10936507 While Cities BURN Due to their OWN DOING Leftists Cry Victim (MotherJones) >>10936736 MP Derkach unveils facts of pressure of U.S. Embassy on Ukraine's law enforcement bodies, possible corrupt actions of the Bidens >>10936642 AT&T ditching DSL >>10936781 Susan Rice is SCUM >>10936615 Maggie Digs? >>10936650 Reports Trumps Justice Department Wants To Suspend Habeas Corpus >>10936879, Be ready to report a bread split coming up, BOMB SQUAD is planning a counter offensive >>10936901 Idiot Gov Jay Inslee says "Don’t listen to this President about the COVID crisis" Washington state vote this clown out! >>10936948 Former Resident of Stockton, California Sentenced to More Than 15 Years in Prison for Human Trafficking Convictions Related to Forced Labor of Foreign Nationals >>10936952 China's Secret Global Spy Operation (Video) >>10936961 Border Patrol In El Paso Raids 7 Stash Houses >>10936963 Cheeto Face Twitter >>10936975 A Recall of Fruit In 9 States Has Been Announced | What To Know >>10936985 Using Old Laws, Dem Michigan Gov. Reissues Mask Order & Gathering Limits Under New Authority >>10936999 Burisma Diggs >>10937138 #13991 #13990 >>10935864, >>10936144 This Presidential Candidate is Stupid >>10935696 Vice Adm. Whitesell becomes Navy’s new Air Boss >>10935701 CLOCKWORK >>10935709 Covid 19 similar to mononucleosis, otherwise known as EPSTEIN BARR VIRUS >>10935710 Federal Court Says Trump's Law Enforcement Commission Violates Federal Law >>10935712 @MZHemingway a 'coup de grâce' is a final blow or shot given to kill a wounded person or animal >>10935755 Life on the Streets: A Cop Confesses What Policing Is Like in the Age of BLM/Antifa >>10935762 Plexiglass Barrier Between VP Pence and Legs Up Harris >>10935763 @EmeraldRobinson Who told you first that Durham investigation was going to run out the clock & not prosecute anyone? >>10935779 Creepy Joe Speech on how we can Build Back Better in Florida >>10935788 Fed Study: How We Made The Top 10% Richer Than Ever >>10935735, >>10935904, >>10935929, >>10935901 Other News Bun >>10935830 Top Aides Accuse Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Of Bribery, Abuse Of Power >>10935841 Mark Meadows: Trump 'tasked me' with getting more Russia investigation >>10935845 17 R Votes Against House Condemning Q >>10935859 LA mayor switches district attorney endorsement following years of BLM >>10935891 So TODAY we hit the 3 year anniversary of "You'll find out…." (The Calm Before the Storm) >>10935898 Justice Thomas will be the catalyst to get the Cout’s ruling on gay marriage overturned >>10935906 HMS Queen Elizabeth Carrier Strike Group Prowls the Atlantic >>10935910, >>10936293 Gov. Andrew Cuomo: "I have to say to the Orthodox community tomorrow, 'If you're not willing to live with these rules, then I'm going to close the synagogues. >>10935914 A senior administration official tells me the plan is for the president to not go to the West Wing (meaning Oval Office or surrounding offices) when he returns to White House, but unclear for how long (or if it will be strictly enforced). >>10935915, >>10936009 These People are Stupid >>10935960 New York City Council expels Bronx’s Andy King over ethics charges >>10936038, >>10936131, >>10936196, >>10936228, >>10936230, >>10936255 PF >>10936118 COVID before DECLAS? >>10936159 Netizens Miss Visiting Mystic Shiva Temple In the Himalayas Before Snow Takes Over >>10936160 Why doesn'the government just print and distribute millions of Virus-Free Zone signs? >>10936235 Cuomo and de Blassio fighting. >>10936271 With President Trump at Walter Reed, Biden Tells Florida Crowd to Fantasize About Trump Being Delivered a Death Blow >>10936345 Mask Wearing and Satanic Rituals >>10936205 FOUNDATION FOR THE DEFENSE OF DEMOCRACIES >>10936368 #13990 #13989 >>10935297, >>10935072, >>10934961 Bomb threat bread Updated Comms Bomb threat graphic showing how they also planted "reasonable doubt" info to cover their tracks they are about to tryo to use >>10934976 Comms will never be BO on a board that anons use. We will leave immediately. >>10935172 ARCHIVES OF COMMS META BREAD WHERE BOMB THREAT PLANT WAS CONSTRUCTED AND DISCUSSED >>10934911 China Complains Trump's TikTok Ban Violates WTO Rules >>10934917 'I feel better than I did 20 years ago': Trump announces he's ready to leave the hospital Monday evening >>10934929 Ex-Reddit CEO On Ghislaine Maxwell: “We Knew About Her Supplying” Children For Sex >>10934940 Lebanon And Israel Agree To Hold Negotiations Over Disputed Maritime Boundary >>10934937 #ProjectSafeChildhood >>10934946 Northrop banks $1.1B Navy contract for electronic warfare upgrades >>10935284 Bipartisan Bill Would Give Israel Veto Powers Over US Arms Sales >>10934963 Chicago Suffers 81 Homicides Last Month, Deadliest September In 25 Years >>10934974, >>10935001, >>10935070, >>10935089 PF >>10934977 CDC Re-Releases Guidance Claiming COVID-19 'Airborne' Transmission Is Possible, But Less Common >>10934996 New Technology Refuses Entrance to Shops if You’re Not Wearing a Face Mask >>10935006 Liverpool man paid 9-year-old girl $5 for hug, charged with sex abuse, police say >>10935017 KEKS - Not even covid can stop /ourpresident/ >>10935035 It doesn't get much prettier than this. #FlyNavy >>10935039 Dan Bongino Retweeted >>10935042 Justices Thomas, Alito slam Obergefell same-sex marriage decision as Supreme Court denies Kim Davis case >>10935134 Proud Boys group furious after gay community takes over #ProudBoys hashtag ‘to reclaim our pride’ >>10935153 Potus schedule 3 years ago >>10935166 Doctor Sean Conley: The plan is to get the President rump home later today! >>10935173 Andy Ngô - I reached out to Proud Boys chair Enrique Tarrio who says they aren’t furious & don’t care. >>10935186 Dan Bongino Has Hilarious Message For “A**hole Who Stole My 2 Trump Signs” >>10935203 Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin Irate that Trump Returning to White House >>10935220, >>10935406 THESE PEOPLE ARE STUPID >>10935275 As SEC Attempts to Provide Greater Darkness to Trading Firms, Maxine Waters Fights Back >>10935291 U.S. PacificMarines with Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron #VMM262 >>10935303 MZ Hemingway Twitter >>10935319 Thousands Protest Against COVID-19 Restrictions in Germany >>10935346 Senior Catholic Cardinal accused of bribing to hide sexual abuse >>10935356 7 bodies discovered along France-Italy border in wake of Storm Alex’s wrath, EU pledges support >>10935166 Doctor Sean Conley: The plan is to get the President rump home later today! >>10935394 Caitlin Johnstone: WaPo publishes paranoid screed cautioning readers not to let Russia make them paranoid >>10935429 The Law: State Sovereignty >>10935446 Project blue beam. 7d holograms >>10935464 While the Federal Reserve Keeps Interest Rates Near Zero, Retail Store Credit Cards Charge High Rates >>10935501 Multiple Mailbox Break-ins >>10935537 Red OctoberBegins With Worldwide Attacks on Deep Underground Military Bases - questionable source >>10935604 #13989

>>10934171 COMMS bakers plant bomb threat to subvert board

>>10934179 New Accuser Says Ghislaine Maxwell Gagged, Restrained And Raped Her

>>10934183 Regarding “deltas galore”

>>10934190 L. Graham's got the subpoena power. (Referenced in Catherine's latest twat.)

>>10934191 Judicial Watch Sues California to Prevent Enforcement of Race, Ethnicity, Sexual Preference and Transgender Status Quotas for Corporate Boards of Directors

>>10934195 USNI News Fleet and Marine Tracker: Oct. 5, 2020

>>10934198, >>10934265, >>10934274 Grassley tweets

>>10934200 Rothshilds patented COVID-19 biometric tests in 2015 and 2017.

>>10934201 FARRELL: It’s Time To Have All Of The Facts About Russiagate

>>10934204 Sean Davis Twitter

>>10934209 3 years ago today CBTS

>>10934215 Senator Cruz says Chief Justice John Roberts 'despises Donald Trump'

>>10934225 US attorney J Bash Resigns

>>10934238 Israel may halt its weapons sale to Azerbaijan, Armenian ambassador says

>>10934247 CDC says COVID airborne

>>10934248 POTUS will be released today

>>10934280 Investigators accuse Dem Sen Ron Wyden of interfering in Senate Intel & Govt'l Affairs probes by spreading disinformation, leaking to Natasha Bertrand & tampering w/ witnesses in coordination w/ Steele partner Dan Jones, l/t Wyden confidant

>>10934285 Newt Gingrich: China infiltrates US – Hunter Biden, other examples show extent of the problem

>>10934287 Dr. Sean Conley, Physician to the President briefing at 3:00PM from Walter Reed

>>10934305 Kamala Harris faces intense pressure, double standards leading into vice presidential debate

>>10934333 NEW PDJT - Checking out of Hospital Today - The Best Is Yet To Come!

>>10934356 Moronic Australians Embrace Slavery - Fozdyke

>>10934392 Chant clip from Seattle: “Death to fascists. I hope Trump dies.”

>>10934412 Unhinged UMass Professor Ester Shapiro Caught on Video Calling Trump a Nazi and Child Molester — Then Belittles Student Who Disagrees

>>10934417 John Solomon

>>10934446 Intel Sources: CIA Director Gina Haspel Banking On Trump Loss To Keep Russiagate Documents Hidden

>>10934489 Police and SES search Brisbane bushland for missing Federal Circuit Court judge Guy Andrew

>>10934509 Corporate Media Is Vomiting Trump Coronavirus Reporting All Over The Bed

>>10934590 Leftist Steals Cross From Patriots Honoring Murdered Trump Supporter, Attempts to Urinate On It

>>10934601 Here’s a maskless White House press room…before they virtue signaled for the cameras…

>>10934604 Why Is Fauci Wringing His Hands Over COVID 'Cases' Detected by PRC Tests?

>>10934649 Joe Biden Called Conservative Christians 'the Dregs of Society,' Would Eviscerate Religious Freedom

>>10934685 Everyone wants to know, this is who OSS was

>>10934697 Houthis Show Documents Revealing Israeli Interference In Yemen During Saleh Presidency

>>10934707 Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton faces allegations of bribery and corruption

>>10934711 Dems Pressed For Virtual Hearings, Suddenly Change Minds When GOP Suggests SCOTUS Confirmation Be Done Online

>>10934716, >>10934715, >>10934714, >>10934654 Shills caught making bomb threats to subvert board, start to reee


>>10934801 Denver Riggleman Twitter

>>10933814 Here is a list of 22 positive things that are happening in the world.

>>10933796 DELTA CONT.

>>10933788 Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s own staff reported him to the federal government for bribery and other hings. Even signed their names on the AG’s letter head!

>>10933745 Social Justice 101: The Far Left's Trans Agenda Has a Bloody History of Suicide and Child Abuse

>>10933729 Even atheists are siding with Christian student after university's harsh punishment

>>10933711 Maggie? Soap Operas? Remember that girl from the Qposts?

>>10933705 Left-wing magazine 'The Nation' floats blue states seceding from Union (WND)

>>10933692 Putin Video Released Day of Debate Was Actually Deepfake Video from Anti-Trump Group (

>>10933681 There is a very specific reason this information ISNT allowed around . . . Doctor.

>>10933665 BARR Appoints Gregg N. Sofer as U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Texas (

>>10933643 Judicial Watch Lawsuit Forces Pennsylvania Counties to Confess They Submitted Inaccurate Data to Government on eligible Voters (

>>10933616 UK Gold? 1.5 Billion Pounds? Confusion as to who is owner WHAT?

>>10933613 Pizzas kept showing up every 45 min outside Walter Reed: ‘You know it’s from Trump, there’s meat on it!’

>>10933601 'That should never have happened': Inside Trump's Walter Reed parade By Kevin Liptak (CNN)

>>10933588 565 Pounds of Meth, Fentanyl Found in SUV at California Border Crossing (Breitbart)

>>10933577 “I love the game of golf, but I love my country even more.” Jack Nicklaus "POTUS is THE MAN!" (Freep)

>>10933551 UK Government Importing Asylum Seekers Directly from Greece Under ‘Family Reunification’ (Breitbart)

>>10933537 Where my seat in the Vatican then? It's mine ~ Pope Francis: ‘Each Country also Belongs to the Foreigner’ (Breitbart)

>>10933528 Daily Caller Covers POTUS' Tweets! (Daily Caller)

>>10933524 Rocket alert sirens sounded in Kerem Shalom in southern Israel on Monday evening. One projectile fell in an open Area.

>>10933509 Wonderland

>>10933507 Twitter bans Doctor David Samad after he tweets well wishes to POTUS and Proposed Early Treatment Plan.

>>10933494 ChemAnon Digs COVID Cures

>>10933491 "Feds" Grant Foreign Oil Company Right to Seize Land from American Property Owners for Pipeline Corrupt federal Judge much? (The Free Thought Project)

>>10933489 On this day: October 5, 1938 - Czech President Dr. Eduard Benes resigned and fled abroad amid threats from Adolf Hitler. October 5, 1964 - The largest mass escape since the construction of the Berlin Wall occurred as 57 East German refugees escaped to West Berlin after tunneling beneath the wall.

>>10933481 Tell em to shut up if they care about the environment

>>10933459, >>10933484, >>10933570, >>10933629 More Clout about John Bash + Big Boom

>>10933457 Corruption Is Now Our Way of Life (

>>10933456 Pedophiles & violent criminals receive shorter prison sentences as UK justice system struggles to adjust to Covid-19 (RT)

>>10933444 Leaked Document Reveals Exxon's Plan To Increase Emissions As Energy Space Prepares For Decarbonization (ZeroHedge)

>>10933439 Israelis take to the streets to Combat Quarantine (RT)

>>10933431 St. Louis County Executive Sam Page Connected to Ballot-Harvesting Specialists Who Are Also Operating in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania

>>10933418 Dutch Govt: "Wear A Mask!"; Chief 'Scientist' - Don't Bother!

>>10933407 Delta Encroaching. . .

>>10933401, >>10933430, >>10933490 DECLASS! Chief of Staff Mark Meadows Announces President Trump Has Requested Declassification of Critical Spygate Documents including Danchenko Interviews

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