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New General Flynn: People need to hear this. Its ugly, & its brutal, but its true.

Anonymous 03/24/22 (Thu) 10:42:49 4b3e2b (10) No.15933599

New General Flynn (Technically Forwarded) Because people are too concerned about how high they can push the bank acct & how many vacations they can take instead of doing the hard work to take freedom back. Im starting to realize some of the people who bitch the most about politics & the news dont really give a damn about America, our rights or anything- except their bank accounts. People sit around their living rooms at gatherings & bitch & complain endlessly but never lift a finger. Never volunteer to be a poll watcher. Bitch about news liars but buy the Fox business app. Dont have $5 to throw at uncoverdc or oan or RSBN but take multiple vacations a year. So fucking sick of it. We don't lose because of the left, we lose because of us. They bitch & complain the same tired, repeated shit every day, laugh at memes, and mock those doing this to us and then go back to work and take it. And never do a damn thing about it. And the Left knows us better than we do & that we’ll never change. America is doomed, if we don't change.


⬆️ People need to hear this. Its ugly, & its brutal, but its true. Think about how the founding fathers had their homes burned to the ground by the Redcoats. Think about rationing & sacrifice Americans made during World War II. Now, people cant even be bothered to give up the cost of a happy meal at McDonald’s to fund outlets like OAN, RSBN & UncoverDC. People cant be troubled to give up 1 day a year to work the polls. If this doesn’t change, America is doomed, and so is freedom.

I expect this No Shit Unsugarcoated Situation Report/ Reality Check will piss many people off & cost me followers. So be it. I promised you i would always tell you the truth here, I never promised to coddle you.


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