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Mike Lindell Presents: Absolutely 9-0

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Mike Lindell Presents: Absolutely 9-0

A WVW-TV Production

Director and Senior Post Editor- Brannon Howse

Assistant Post Editor- Logan Howse.


NOTES:- 26:00 Min


  • Mike Lindell says on Jan 29th he received evidence of a cyber attack orchestrated by China on our 2020 election.

  • When this gets in front of the SC it will be 9-0

  • This was something that came through the machines, Dominion and Smartmatic.

  • Has hired white hat hackers that work for the Government.

  • Looking at raw encrypted data. Cyber Forensics

  • PCAP= Packet Capture : All information is captured with in packets when traveling from point A to Point B.

  • You cant go back in time and fake a PCAP, you have to capture that packet in real time.

  • Thankfully somebody pressed record through the entire election.

  • What were looking at is hash values that are unique to each item. Any change will change the hash. When your looking at this file, you can ensure it hasnt been doctored it will have exactly the same hash value.

  • Then they work to decrypt and pull that data out using common decryption protocols.

  • Claims there were a lot of hacks from China

  • Some Reconnaissance Some Claim were Vote Flips

20 Attacks 5 States (9:00)

Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia

4-6 weeks to fully verify 20 PCAPS

"This isn't subjective. It just is what it is. The information speaks for itself." (13:00)

100% Cyber Attack"

This data was captured during the attacked.

This is the digital version of having a bank robbery on video.

We have the intrusion, whether they had the credentials and whether it was a successful attack or not.

Mike Lindell - This was an attack by China on our Country to flip the votes to the Democrat party.

"When taken to the Supreme Court this data is irrefutable."

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