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I have decided to release the entirety of my research folder. This movement has inspired me to better my life and unfortunately there will be some overlap from "The Great Awakening" and the need to focus a bit more attention on college which begins in a few weeks. 32 year old Army veteran I enrolled in a Bachelors of Cyber Security at a well known Virginia Christian College whose President is a vocal President Trump supporter. Better late than never I hope

Files collected over the last two years are what I was able to save and are in no way representative of a complete body of work nor that 100% of everything is factual. My hope is that my research will allow you to awaken the curiosity in yourself to find the truth. This link will stay active for 1 week, I will then take it down and send out a permanent key to email subscribers this is to ensure I can keep in touch with you and send updates on the site. Feel free to download it in its entirety to you HD or just bookmark the permanent link when that email goes out

Please while you are here look around and provide feedback via contact page. If you like what I have built, please share it. As this movement grows and millions of people around the world realize what Q is they are going to need a focused platform to start from a firm foundation. See the New to Q section.

If you would like to contribute via blog posts (Articles) or provide web development help (SEO, Admin, Design) send an email to or use the contact form.

WWG1WGA!X3pTDS4b!TU-sJNKoqqZpI6rjJRk64g <- This Link is now dead click file icon at top of page to be redirected. If you would like to contribute to the research files Id be happy to organize and filter out duplicates, send link to email above

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