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Mariupol theater hit by airstrike. Possible false flag with warning 3 days prior

Anonymous 03/17/22 (Thu) 11:37:26 ac3daa (16) No.15883961

Russia claiming Asov Battalion

US claiming Russian forces

see previous Laura Logan Notable Clip and others exposing the lies and propaganda, the media is complicit in treason and crimes against humanity.


Anonymous 03/17/22 (Thu) 13:19:13da6526 (5)No.15884589

Azov battalion militants blow up Mariupol theater building — Defense Ministry

Militants of the Azov nationalist battalion blew up the Mariupol theater building, which they rigged with explosives earlier, Russian Defense Ministry announced Wednesday.

The Defense Ministry debunked Kiev’s accusations of an airstrike on the theater building, where civilians could have been held hostage.

"During daylight on March 16, Russian aviation carried out no missions involving strikes on ground targets within Mariupol limits. According to the verified information, militants of the Azov nationalist battalion carried out another bloody provocation by blowing up the rigged theater building," the Ministry of Defense said.

"Previously, refugees that escaped Mariupol, informed that Nazis from the Azov battalion could have held civilians hostage in the theater building, using the upper floors as emplacements," the Ministry added.

The Ministry also stated that, "considering the potential danger for civilians, and considering the March 9 provocation with the Mariupol hospital number 3, the theater building has never been considered as a strike target."


Anonymous 03/17/22 (Thu) 12:04:17 4527c1 (4) No.15884131

"Ukrainian troops got a crash course in modern guerrilla warfare from the Central Intelligence Agency following Russia’s 2014 invasion of Crimea, training that US officials believe is helping Ukraine hold off the Kremlin now. CIA paramilitary officers with the Special Activities Division began secretly training Ukrainian forces in sniping, anti-tank warfare and surveillance evasion shortly after the 2014 incursion, Yahoo News reported Wednesday. Half a dozen former intelligence officials told the outlet that they see hallmarks of their training in the ongoing Ukrainian resistance. The CIA also trained Ukrainians to evade Russian electronic surveillance, which was making them sitting ducks for artillery fire in the trenches of the Donbas region. Ukrainian soldiers “were using mobile phones in a trench,” one former intelligence official told Yahoo. “People were getting blown to bits.” CIA agents had to develop secure systems so the Ukrainians could communicate, then move before “[the Russians] start[ed] rocketing the crap out of you,” the former official said. The paramilitaries were pulled out of Ukraine last month as tensions with Russia grew, another former official said, noting there were no agency paramilitaries on the ground when Russia invaded at the end of February."

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