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Maricopa County Audit Report Expected in August

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August. The damn audit report isn't expected until AUGUST. The month of August is HOT

The final report for the 2020 election audit taking place in Arizona’s largest county is not expected to be out until August, an official involved with the work says.
Led by Cyber Ninjas, which was hired by the Arizona Senate, auditors are working on evaluating ballots after finishing their ballot recount, save less than 100 braille ballots.
The ballot evaluation is supposed to wrap up by the end of June—the Senate is slated to vacate the Veterans Memorial Coliseum, where the audit is taking place, by July 1—but there will be a few weeks worth of additional work after that,


Arizona Audit: Paper Evaluation Will Finish Next Week – The Historic Audit Is Concluding!

Post 64179 23 hours ago • View on 8kun Arizona Audit: Paper Evaluation Will Finish Next Week - The Historic Audit Is Concluding!

The Arizona audit continues in Phoenix with paper evaluation and “quality control checks.” On Thursday another State Representative from Indiana was on the floor.

Audit official Randy Pullen told The Gateway Pundit that they are evaluating “well over 100,000 ballots per day, roughly up 120,000”. He also said that this phase of the audit will be completed next week, possibly before June 26th as was previously reported.

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