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Man Claiming To Be Former Driver For Zelensky’s Wife’s Foundation Accuses Them of Child Trafficking

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BREAKING: An alleged whistleblower claims the wife of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is operating a sex trafficking network where displaced Ukrainian children are offered to known pedophiles worldwide.


Man Claiming To Be Former Driver For Zelensky’s Wife’s Foundation Makes Video Accusing The Foundation of Involvement In Child Sex Trafficking

Man Claiming To Be Former Driver For Zelensky’s Wife’s Foundation Makes Video Accusing The Foundation of Involvement In Child Sex Trafficking

Hillary Clinton was on hand when the Olena Zelenska Foundation launched at the Metropolitan Opera, by the way

A man who claims to be a former employee of Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska’s foundation says that the Olena Zelenska Foundation was involved with child sex trafficking. As a driver of supposedly war-endangered children, the man says that he was forced to drive children from cities in Ukraine and deliver them to pedophiles elsewhere in Europe, including in extremely wealthy and well-connected areas in London and Berlin.

A little-seen video on Youtube entitled “La Fondation Olena Zelenska est impliquée dans le trafic d’enfants” reveals the claims of a masked man who says that he transported children out of Ukraine for Olena Zelenska’s foundation, and at least one of the children made him believe that the foundation was engaging in child sex trafficking. The video was uploaded by the account “Daniel Schmidt.”

As noted by, the Olena Zelenska Foundation launched in New York City in September 2022 with a star-studded event. The launch of Olena’s foundation was hosted by the Metropolitan Opera and the guests included Democrat politician Hillary Clinton and celebrities Matt Damon and Jimmy Fallon, among others.

The Zelenska Foundation takes a special interest in overseeing “war orphans,” with the Ukraine government accusing Russia of kidnapping thousands of kids.

The man in the video makes his claims over the course of more than eight minutes speaking in French. The quotes below come word for word from the English closed captioning translation service on Youtube.

“So, here I am recording this video to tell you about what happened in Olena Zelenska’s Foundation when I worked there. After I finish, I’ll send you this video via email together with the documents, all the facts of what had happened. To start my story, it was here in France. I had a friend there who worked with different foundations. And he was the one who told me that there is a foundation that pays well in Ukraine, which offers good conditions. And so, I thought, why not? So, I contacted this foundation and then I prepared my documents and I went to Ukraine. When I came, I came to work there as a driver. They offered me this job and I signed the contract. Even the contract was something bizarre. There were clauses, for example, in the contract, that said we must not talk with children, we must not ask questions about host families, things like that. For me it was weird, but I thought, well, I’m a driver it’s not my business. I signed the contract. After signing the contract, I was given the pass. This one. Here’s the pass,” the man said in the video, before showing documentation.



>Mentioned in the video



Ukraine Orphanages a Feeder for Child Trafficking

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