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Large-scale protests take place in Canada against mandatory vaccine passports

Anonymous 08/23/21 (Mon) 14:13:25 3ebfa0 (16) No.14437455

Large-scale protests take place in Canada against mandatory vaccine passports but the media blacks it out Most Americans think of our neighbors to the north as a mostly benevolent people not prone to excitability or bucking authority, but all of that is changing in the age of COVID-19. The most recent evidence is trickling out on various social media platforms: Video and photographs of massive protests against the increasingly authoritarian mandates imposed on Canadians by their elected leaders, to include mandatory vaccine passports and other documentation showing they have gotten a COVID-19 vaccine, lest they be barred from being full participants in their own country.

“Tens of thousands of Canadians have risen up to reject the “Great Reset” by demanding their freedom and an end to government-imposed restrictions,” the news site Neon Nettle reported this week. “Angry citizens flooded the streets of Montreal, Canada, over the weekend to protest the coming implementation of new restrictions due to rollout on September 1. The changes will force Canadians to carry mandatory papers that will control individual access to ordinary activities, such as events, bars, restaurants, and gyms,” the site noted further, adding tweets showing crowds in Montreal streets marching against the mandates, with some Canadians even carrying Trump 2020 flags and other materials.

Simply put, these Canadians — like tens of millions of their American neighbors — are fed up with ridiculous, ineffective COVID mandates like wearing worthless masks and being forced to take vaccines that are experimental and increasingly ineffective lest they be essentially banned from participating in society. But because Canadian leaders are leftists and are no different than Marxist or Communist tyrants, they are ignoring the demands of their own people, claiming emergency powers and authorities because of the pandemic. We don’t know much about Canadian law, but we do know that our founders did not include pandemic or virus exceptions in the U.S. Constitution. And yet, like in Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and throughout the West, the leftists who run things are behaving like the Castros in Cuba, Xi in China, and Putin in Russia. “Instead of listening to citizens, the liberal-dominated government is expected to put even more restrictions in place across Canada,” Neon Nettle added. “Canadians are planning to protest until the government makes changes and allows a public forum and they know these tyrants won’t give up their newfound authority without a fight.” Others have begun to notice Canada’s encroaching authoritarianism which, again, is being done in the name of ‘fighting COVID.” The First TV host Jesse Kelly noted in April what was taking place up north, and what he reported then was shocking. “Have you been watching this stuff in Canada, with what they’re doing with the coronavirus lockdowns?” he said, noting that the previous week on his program he covered the story of a Christian church that authorities ordered closed being raided by hundreds of riot police after worshippers refused to follow the order.

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