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John Fredericks Spells Out How Trump Will Be Proven The Winner In GA

Post 64186 22 hours ago • View on 8kun The Outcome-Altering Importance of Chain of Custody: John Fredericks Spells Out How Trump Will Be Proven The Winner In GA | War Room ( According to GA law and even “Stacy’s law,” those 19K drop box ballots ( with no paperwork and no chain of custody should not have been counted or entered into the system. They should have been converted to provisional ballots until documentation was provided to formally authenticate them. That never happened. Biden, Ossoff, Warnock received 90% of the mail-in ballots in Fulton County. Had Ossoff received just 9K fewer votes on 11/3, Perdue would be in the US Senate today -- there would not have been a run-off election. And Trump would have won GA’s 16 electoral votes. This is before any consideration of the alleged 30K fraudulent votes in Garland Favorito’s case. There are approximately 333K absentee ballots in GA with NO chain of custody records💥 Where are the chain of custody records for Maricopa County! Watch 👉🔗 War Room (

Learn more 👉🔗 Last GA Update ( @LibertyOverwatchChannel

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