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Jim Watkins Newsletter - re: Verification of Q posts


Anonymous ## Administrator 06/25/22 (Sat) 12:16:55 dbe45c (3) No.16514077

>>16513801 I have verified the Board Owner of /project comms/ deleted the B post about 14 hours ago. I am in Southern California and do not have access to SSH into the machines to do anything any deeper than that. I can tell you that this past week, I fixed the TOR posting issues, which may have affected the trip codes. I will give a complete report by Tuesday, if not Monday. In either case, it would not have affected Q’s trip code which is wholly whitelisted. The probability of a faked post is improbable. I would show you the log, but the BO of projectdcomms has the log set to private. I don’t do that for other people. I won’t do it for this BO either.


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8kun <> 11:16 AM June 28, 2022

Dear Friend, Good news, TOR works. Here is what happened on Friday, June 24th 2022 I finally got the TOR servers working with both sys and the live servers. This was tested from the dev server. Changes were ported over from the dev server to the live servers. This is when the salt rotated. It changed to what is on the dev server, which is not live. Trip posting is not common on, and this was not verified after the work was done. This is my fault, and I take responsibility for that. It came as a surprise for me as well when trips had changed. Fixing this was relatively easy. I called an employee and asked them to put a backup on for me, which was fixed. The temporary problem is visible on this trip chat thread. As far as the Q posts. These are verified now to the best of my ability. TOR hides the IP address of individual posters, so that can not be verified, but the login by the Board Owner of /projectdcomms/ I can see that. Then the deletion and banning of the B post are the additional verification that makes it highly probable, to the point of certainty, that these posts are valid by the person or persons that post with the Q trip. It is likely that Q has a different password for the BO login, and the trip code. That is common security practice. I trust that Q would be familiar with security, using TOR is an additional security step that requires knowledge past the Tenderfoot stage of internet use. I publicly explained this on Sunday evening with at least 100 witnesses, including Chad Vivas, who has been retruthed by President Donald Trump. Some of the naysayers and concernf—- questions I have considered. Why didn’t the Q trip change with the other trips? CodemonkeyZ made a special whitelist for Q before retiring from I don’t know how he did that, but even though neither CodemonkeyZ nor myself are Q. We both understand the importance of Q communications to the world. CodemonkeyZ did his best before he left to ensure this communication could not be screwed up by any error that I make or my employees. Did the salt change for a new Q to post as Q? No, the salt change was an error that did not correlate with these posts. My rushing to attend a live talk in Thousand Oaks, California, are the reason for the salt change. This has been rectified. Did you change the salt to make a new trip code match the Q trip code? No, that would be more difficult than guessing the trip code password. It would take longer than the time until the heat death of the Universe to change the salt, which is a long string of random characters to match up to a new password, to create a trip code that matches the Q trip code. None of this will satisfy professional shills. This will not stop bold text posts by unprofessional members of the US government that are currently stepping all over their oaths to defend the Constitution of the United States. I hope it will be enough for the people that matter. Sincerely yours, Jim Watkins

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