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IRS whistleblower confirms Hunter Biden received nearly $5 million from donor for personal expenses

Anonymous 12/05/23 (Tue) 22:41:59 232fd0 (6) No.20032549

Internal Revenue Service agent Joseph Ziegler told the House Ways and Means Committee in closed-door testimony Tuesday that Hunter Biden, Joe Biden's son, received almost $5 million in loans from a donor for personal expenses.

"Hunter appeared to follow a pattern of attempting to avoid paying taxes on relevant income. This first started with Hunter not reporting the Burisma income in 2014 and allegedly falsely claiming that it was a loan to him," Ziegler said in his testimony.


July 19 2023


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Key Points from Ziegler's Testimony:

The document is a testimony given by Special Agent Joseph Ziegler to the U.S. House of Representatives' Committee on Ways & Means on December 5, 2023. The testimony is focused on "IRS Whistleblowers About the Biden Criminal Investigation," specifically revolving around the investigation into Hunter Biden.

Context and Background:

  • Ziegler describes himself as a Democrat who has been disappointed by the actions and comments of some committee members. He expresses concern about how their comments might intimidate future whistleblowers. He also mentions personal attacks he and his family have faced, including from the Biden family attorneys and the media.

Allegations of Misconduct and Maladministration:

  • Ziegler claims that there is evidence of misconduct and maladministration at the direction of the Department of Justice, and this is not just about Hunter Biden but indicative of a larger issue with the justice system.

Performance and Integrity:

  • He defends his integrity and performance as an IRS agent, highlighting his high performance ratings and active involvement in significant investigations.

Issues with Hunter Biden Investigation:

  • Ziegler discusses his removal from the Hunter Biden case, compliance with laws regarding taxpayer information, and his continued cooperation with the new investigative team.

Tax Investigation of Hunter Biden:

  • Detailed allegations are made against Hunter Biden, including failing to report income and pay taxes for multiple years. Ziegler points to specific examples and exhibits that he believes support these allegations.

  • Ziegler's testimony highlights specific allegations against Hunter Biden regarding tax evasion. He alleges that Hunter Biden failed to report substantial income and pay taxes for multiple years, which is a serious offense under U.S. tax law. Ziegler provides detailed examples and supporting exhibits to bolster these claims. The nature of the unreported income and the years in question are critical here, as they potentially reveal a pattern of tax evasion. This part of the testimony underscores the severity of the allegations against Hunter Biden and the implications they could have, not just for him personally, but for the integrity of the tax system and law enforcement processes.


  • Affidavit 1 Exhibits 1A through 1D (PowerPoint): These exhibits summarize the felony tax charges allegedly committed by Hunter Biden, recommended to the Department of Justice (DOJ) for the tax years 2014 and 2018, and the misdemeanor tax charges for the tax years 2015 through 2019. Exhibit 1D, in particular, shows the investigation team's consideration and investigation of potential defenses presented by Hunter Biden’s defense counsel, which led to a reduction in the total unreported income amount.

  • Affidavit 1 Exhibit 1K (PowerPoint): This exhibit details other defenses proffered by Hunter Biden’s attorneys and the rebuttals provided by evidence uncovered throughout the investigation. It includes claims of Hunter being in “business” with his alleged drug dealer and former girlfriend and the prosecutors' responses to these claims.

  • Affidavit 1 Exhibits 1A & 1B (PowerPoint): These exhibits compare the relevant tax loss of the investigation to what was included in the statement of facts of the failed Hunter Biden plea agreement filed in the District of Delaware. The exhibits suggest that the tax loss amount stipulated in the plea agreement was understated.

  • Affidavit 1 Exhibit 1D (PowerPoint): This exhibit highlights evidence of willfulness in the felony tax charges. It describes how Hunter Biden, while sober and drafting chapters of his memoir, was reviewing schedules and claiming business deductions, despite making conflicting statements in his memoir.

  • Affidavit 1 Exhibit 1E (PowerPoint): This exhibit involves questioning Hunter Biden’s tax accountant about the representation letter Hunter signed regarding his 2018 tax return. The accountant stated that Hunter was told the deductions he was claiming had to actually be related to business expenses.

  • Affidavit 3 Exhibit 300 (PowerPoint): This exhibit is a WhatsApp message sent by Hunter Biden to his assistant, highlighting discrepancies in his payroll and tax filings.

  • Affidavit 1 Exhibit 1J (PowerPoint): It details payments made by Democratic Donor Kevin Patrick Morris to pay off Hunter Biden’s delinquent taxes, suggesting a pattern of avoiding tax liabilities.

These exhibits are central to Ziegler's claims and are presented to support the notion that Hunter Biden engaged in a pattern of tax evasion and financial misrepresentation. The specific details in these exhibits, if accurate, point to complex financial dealings and raise serious questions about compliance with tax laws.

Political Interference:

  • The testimony includes claims of political interference in the investigation, with Ziegler suggesting that there were efforts to avoid implicating or investigating Joe Biden (referred to as "Political Figure 1" in the documents).

  • This point is particularly significant given the broader implications it has for the justice system. Ziegler alleges that there were concerted efforts to prevent the investigation from implicating or investigating Joe Biden, referred to as "Political Figure 1" in the documents. He suggests that these efforts influenced various stages of the investigation, leading to a deviation from standard procedures typically followed in such cases. The claim of political interference, if substantiated, points to a potential abuse of power and raises questions about the impartiality and independence of legal and investigatory processes. This aspect of the testimony is shocking because it implies a manipulation of the justice system for political ends, which is antithetical to the principles of fairness and equality before the law.

Hunter Biden's Alleged Tax Evasion:

  • Ziegler presents a pattern of behavior from Hunter Biden aimed at avoiding taxes, including not reporting income and falsely claiming it as loans. He also mentions payments for personal expenses in the form of loans from a Democratic donor.

  • Ziegler elaborates on the patterns of behavior that he believes demonstrate Hunter Biden's intent to evade taxes. He points out specific instances where income was not reported accurately, and how some of these incomes were falsely claimed as loans. Furthermore, he mentions payments for personal expenses that were disguised as loans from a Democratic donor. These details are critical because they provide a clearer picture of the methods allegedly used by Hunter Biden to avoid tax liabilities. This part of the testimony not only accuses Hunter Biden of tax evasion but also implicates the wider network of individuals and entities that may have facilitated or been complicit in these actions.

Failure to Follow Normal Investigative Processes:

  • Ziegler criticizes the investigation for not following standard procedures, particularly in relation to Hunter Biden's connections and the involvement of Joe Biden.

Alleged Inconsistencies and Failures in the Legal Process:

  • He points out what he sees as inconsistencies and failures in the legal process, including the handling of a plea agreement and the understatement of tax loss in official documents.


  • Ziegler concludes by emphasizing the need for a fair and equal justice system and suggests the establishment of an official channel for federal investigators to request the appointment of a special counsel in similar cases.

Most Shocking Testimony: One of the most shocking aspects of Ziegler's testimony is his allegation of political interference in the Hunter Biden investigation. He claims that there were deliberate efforts to avoid implicating or investigating Joe Biden and describes how this interference manifested in various stages of the investigation. This includes the avoidance of standard investigative procedures and the alleged manipulation of legal documents and plea agreements. Such allegations, if true, point to a significant misuse of power and a potential undermining of the justice system's integrity.

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