IF - Rudyard Kipling

Anonymous 01/02/21 (Sat) 17:32:43 ed6c91 (3) No.12285884

Flynn Sole power of the Presidency “Preserve, Protect & Defend the Constitution of the United States.” -A pledge of fidelity -A deep sense of duty -Done in the presence of God & man to faithfully execute @realDonaldTrump ‘s responsibility to country. “if ” https://twitter.com/GenFlynn/status/1345498010428579844

Clip for sharing - https://mega.nz/file/Dq5iiTxY#g6g_kIRb8F3y9YV9WIFauaR4BiZRTzdXUkyX4bJSW8M

Lowercase "i", may be comms.

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