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Hydroxychloroquine | Trump calls for PM Modi's help

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Hydroxychloroquine | Trump calls for PM Modi's help

US President Donald Trump plans to import Hydroxychloroquine. Immediately phoned PM Modi and requested that you give the banned hydroxy chloroquine drug to the US. Hydroxychloroquine .. The malaria drug coronavirus is effective, according to the Medical Research Council of India (ICMR). This led to a large number of medical boutiques. However, some of the telcos have died in how many doses to take. The Indian government decided to ban it. When our country was banged .. Donald Trump, the US president, knew that and wanted to import the drug. Immediately phoned PM Modi and requested that you give the banned hydroxy chloroquine drug to the US. Trump himself has revealed the same thing. In the eyes of Trump, hydroxy chloroquine is like a game changer. Trump wanted to import it because the drug was effectively fighting corona in India. It was at this point that PM Modi himself phoned and asked for the drug. However, it remains to be seen how the central government will respond to the US request for a ban on exports and sales in India.

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Covid-19 battle: Govt may Lift Hydroxychloroquine export ban New Delhi: India may consider relaxing restrictions on the export of hydroxychloroquine, used for Covid-19 treatment, a day after US president Donald Trump publicly appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to allow its exports. The export of the drug may be allowed on a case-by-case basis, top government officials told ET. The government may place it in the restricted list which means that exports will not be banned and will be allowed for companies which apply and take a no objection

Post 8699108 4 hours ago • View on 8kun Name Hydroxychloroquine Accession Number DB01611 Type Small Molecule Groups Approved Description Hydroxychloroquine is a racemic mixture consisting of an R and S enantiomer.2 Hydroxychloroquine is an aminoquinoline like chloroquine.12 It is a commonly prescribed medication in the treatment of uncomplicated malaria, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic discoid lupus erythematosus, and systemic lupus erythematosus.12 Hydroxychloroquine is also used for the prophylaxis of malaria in regions where chloroquine resistance is unlikely.12 It was developed during World War II as a derivative of quinacrine with less severe side effects.6 Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine are both being investigated for the treatment of SARS-CoV-2.7 Hydroxychloroquine was granted FDA approval on 18 April 1955.12 Due to COVID-19, the FDA has issued an emergency use authorization for hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine.14 This authorization allows for the unapproved use of these medications in light of a public health emergency.13 A recent study reported a fatality in the group being treated with hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19.10

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Trump Pushes Hydroxychloroquine: ‘I’m Trying to Save Lives’

President Donald Trump defended his ongoing push for doctors to prescribe hydroxychloroquine to coronavirus patients on Sunday, despite criticism from the media. CNN’s Jeremy Diamond repeatedly challenged President Trump during the White House press briefing for talking about the drug, despite doctor concerns that there is only anecdotal evidence of it working to fight coronavirus. “Why not just let the science speak for itself? Why are you promoting this drug?” Diamond asked. “I’m trying to save lives,” the president said, noting that the federal government was purchasing the drugs in mass quantities. He admitted that hydroxychloroquine might not work, but he does not want to wait a year for clinical tests. “If it doesn’t work, it’s nothing lost by doing it,” Trump said. “Nothing.” The president answered several questions about hydroxychloroquine but ultimately repeated that it was worth trying. “I don’t want to wait a year and a half to find out, and only CNN would ask that question,” he concluded. “Fake news.”

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>>8698668 Efficacy of hydroxychloroquine in patients with COVID-19: results of a randomized clinical trial Abstract Aims: Studies have indicated that chloroquine (CQ) shows antagonism against COVID-19 in vitro. However, evidence regarding its effects in patients is limited. This study aims to evaluate the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in the treatment of patients with COVID-19. Main methods: From February 4 to February 28, 2020, 62 patients suffering from COVID-19 were diagnosed and admitted to Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University. All participants were randomized in a parallel-group trial, 31 patients were assigned to receive an additional 5-day HCQ (400 mg/d) treatment, Time to clinical recovery (TTCR), clinical characteristics, and radiological results were assessed at baseline and 5 days after treatment to evaluate the effect of HCQ. Key findings: For the 62 COVID-19 patients, 46.8% (29 of 62) were male and 53.2% (33 of 62) were female, the mean age was 44.7 (15.3) years. No difference in the age and sex distribution between the control group and the HCQ group. But for TTCR, the body temperature recovery time and the cough is remission time were significantly shortened in the HCQ treatment group. Besides, a larger proportion of patients with improved pneumonia in the HCQ treatment group (80.6%, 25 of 31) compared with the control group (54.8%, 17 of 31). Notably, all 4 patients progressed to severe illness that occurred in the control group. However, there were 2 patients with mild adverse reactions in the HCQ treatment group. Significance: Among patients with COVID-19, the use of HCQ could significantly shorten TTCR and promote the absorption of pneumonia. "I'm not a doctor, but I have common sense" ~ DJT, POTUS 4/5/20

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