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Hunter Biden STORMS OUT of public hearing after weeks of BEGGING for one

Anonymous 01/10/24 (Wed) 15:55:48 60dfb7 (9) No.20220951


Anonymous 01/10/24 (Wed) 10:36:49 adffa9 (13) No.20219511


Anonymous01/10/24 (Wed) 10:51:10dbbe54 (6)No.20219595

Hunter Biden walks out as soon as Marjorie Taylor Greene starts talking


Anonymous 01/10/24 (Wed) 11:07:48 dbbe54 (6) No.20219684

Reporter to Hunter Biden: “What kind of crack do you normally smoke Mr. Biden?"


Anonymous 01/10/24 (Wed) 13:48:51 b3c8e3 (3) No.20220269

Nancy Mace Rips Into Hunter Biden Following His Surprise Appearance at the House Hearing for Holding Him in Contempt: “Hunter Biden Should be Arrested Right Here, Right Now, and Go Straight to Jail”


Anonymous 01/10/24 (Wed) 14:50:48 60dfb7 (9) No.20220564

Markup of Resolution to Hold Hunter Biden in Contempt of Congress - 1/10/24

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