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Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop confirmed in New York Times report

Anonymous 03/17/22 (Thu) 14:35:22 6fc2a6 (14) No.15884975

Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop confirmed in New York Times report


Anonymous03/17/22 (Thu) 15:15:14e3092a (15)No.15885270

Meme of the day


Anonymous 03/17/22 (Thu) 15:10:39 9a40d9 (5) No.15885240

Rudy Giuliani says he sent alleged sexually explicit materials involving underage girls from Hunter Biden to Delaware police


Anonymous03/17/22 (Thu) 15:39:49e3092a (15) No.15885453

Weird how you haven't sent anything regarding the NYT story on Hunter Biden's emails….

And all the geopolitical implications that lie behind that

11:51 AM · Mar 17, 2022·Twitter Web App


Anonymous 03/17/22 (Thu) 14:09:07 6e3de5 (20) No.15884813

17 hours ago, @q posted on Truth Social a link to the GiveSendGo page for Mac Isaac, the computer store owner who took possession of Hunter Biden's laptop. An hour later, the New York Times posted an article admitting that the laptop does, in fact, belong to Hunter Biden. The admission is relevant because just a few weeks prior to the 2020 election, the entire mainstream media complex (save for the New York Post) called the laptop story "Russian disinformation." Why did @q post a link the GoFundMe page of the computer shop owner just an hour before the New York Times story about the laptop went live? New York Times story ( Mac Isaac's GiveSendGo page (



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