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How Many Get The Implications Of POTUS Cancelling Pelosi / Schiff Trip?

Re-post from yesterday. (revised)

How many normies get the implications of POTUS cancelling Pelosi / Schiff trip?

>>4797130 → (pb)

CONTEXT = Is important for (Meaning) & (Relevance)

Today POTUS cancelling Pelosi CoDel (Congressional Delegation) [Clandestine] trip to → Brussels > Egypt > Afghanistan = was, well…

I'm at a loss for words.

I venture to say; those not "awake", or put another way; not aware (like we are) of (The Plan) that has been playing out → will miss the (Significance) of todays move by POTUS.

Meanwhile; those who have been diligently following this entire process - picking up crumbs, digging, memeing, praying, analyzing, consulting with other anons on rabbit trails, and those who have lurked and absorbed the 40,000 ft view = Can grasp at least part of the (Significance) of what POTUS did today.

DJT promised to give our Country, our Republic back to us.

In the past, swamp creatures like Pelosi, Schiff, noname et al took secret trips like the one they were about to take, on OUR$'s, and actively acted against We The People & the USA. We had no way of knowing in the past due to (classification) > Treason of the highest order.

Today DJT kept a promise. He (Outed) them. He sided with (us), not (((them))). He deftly blocked their seditious move. Q told (us) there would not be a repeat of their shenanigans in Syria.

Remember, at least part of the (Significance) of today is: POTUS said no more of this = (pic's related)

And no more → "Here, you want to buy some missiles NK?" Arms Traitor = Nancy Pelosi


>>4802984, >>4803030, >>4803502 How Many Normies Get The Implications Of POTUS Cancelling Pelosi / Schiff Trip?

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