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Haitian Ambassador: Attack Was By ‘Commandos’

Watch for this story to develop.

Anonymous 07/07/21 (Wed) 15:35:21 b0157e (26) No.14074857

Haitian Ambassador: Attack Was By ‘Commandos’ Bocchit Edmond, the Haitian ambassador to the United States, said the attack was carried out by what he described as by “well trained professional commandos” and “foreign mercenaries.” He declined to comment on possible suspects or a possible motive. Haiti has asked the U.S. government for assistance with the investigation of the assassination, which is being led by the Haitian national police, the ambassador said. The White House has not confirmed exactly what it will provide but the ambassador has spoken to them and believes assistance will be forthcoming. Edmond told The Associated Press that Haiti has also repeated a request made months earlier for additional security assistance.


The whole 2016 Al Smith Dinner speech is a must watch

@ 14:40 - Hillary's belief, that it takes a village, which only makes since in places like Haiti wheres shes taken a number of them.



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