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Grenell to ‘Fix California’ With Three-Point Plan in Democrat-Dominated state

Apologies to Ric Grenell for missing (April 9th 2020). In light of all the attention MSM is giving to Bruce for the ratings I felt the need to post this. I'm really surprised how quickly so many flatly trust Bruce. I can forgive people for a lot of things, but to forget, or pretend along with others for the sake of confirmation biases or guilt complexes would be a foolish thing to do.

Actors will act. Clowns are everywhere.

Grenell's tenure as acting Director of National Intelligence and Ambassador to Germany was beyond impressive if you were paying attention, and if identity politics is something they feel the need to play, Grenell qualifies. Grenell is the candidate, Bruce is the distraction. Hope to see Ric officially announce when the time is right, and I would expect a nod from President Trump.


Ric Grenell to ‘Fix California’ With Three-Point Plan in Democrat-Dominated state


The Rubin Report

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