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Get off Twitter, we have TRUTH on our side!

Anonymous 05/29/22 (Sun) 20:17:10 b4d036 (7) No.16364770

Donald J. Trump/ @realDonaldTrump 05/29/2022 20:02:51 Truth Social: 108387956901542072 Get off Twitter, we have TRUTH on our side!


Twitter has got a very “rocky road” to climb. Why would Elon M want to buy so many Bots and Fake Accounts, especially for that price? Also, how is it possible that Elon so blatantly violated the $ 15,000,000 Rule. Easy way to make money, but you just can’t do that. This major infraction alone could or should preclude him from making the deal? In any event, Twitter has been strip searched and what they are finding is not pretty. Elon wants his money back, and they want a closing, without facts??

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