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German journalist faces three years in jail for Donbas reporting

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German journalist faces three years in jail for Donbas reporting

Jul 3, 2022 VoV News NATO countries and Russia have been fighting an information war over events in Ukraine. While, major western media outlets are focused on the loss of life and damage from Russia’s military campaign, there are western journalists, who are offering an alternative view of the events. Press TV correspondent Johnny Miller reports on a German journalist facing jail for reporting Ukrainian atrocities in the country’s east. "The courts have taken 1600 Euro's out of her account, money given to her by the public who are appreciative of her work. They also said she is not allowed to defend herself at a hearing." - correspondent Johnny Miller Alina Lipp "It [charges from the German legal system] says on 24 of February I shared on my Telegram channel that Ukraine has been killing civilians for 8 years, it is a genocide and that people here in Donbas support the Special Operation of Russia. This is a criminal act." "They want to put me in prison for 3 years but not hear me out." "They opened this case because I am sharing my opinion, so there is no free speech anymore."


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