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Freedom Convoy Organizers Arrested - #HoldTheLine

Anonymous 02/17/22 (Thu) 22:24:14 f142ab (22) No.15654809

Support for this peaceful demonstration is now heavily dependent on the ability to breach the security zone. This zone is unlawful, the Emergencies Act does not trump the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, you still have every right to peaceful assembly and protest outside Parliament. Practice civil disobedience, gather in numbers at the entrance to the zone and walk through.


Anonymous 02/17/22 (Thu) 23:02:03 47c877 (17) No.15655027

Ottawa Attorneys "calling on Police to stand with the People" Feb.17, 2022


Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich arrested


Anonymous 02/17/22 (Thu) 21:47:33 ed5cd6 (1) No.15654586

>>15654468 Tamara Lich arrested but we continue to #HoldTheLine


Chris Barber also Arrested


"As human beings we make choice from one of two places. We make choices from Love or choices from fear. I pray that you will make choices from love."


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