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Former President Trump Delivering Remarks at America First Policy Institute Summit

Anonymous 07/26/22 (Tue) 19:20:43 10854c (8) No.16838239


Former President Trump Delivering Remarks at America First Policy Institute Summit


Anonymous 07/26/22 (Tue) 17:09:31 ba61ce (15) No.16837435

Trump Speech in Dc. with notes take by corp, note some are not exact quotes but anons know the speech off heart


LIVE: President Trump Speaks At America First Policy Institute Annual Policy Summit Day 2 7-26-2022

Right Side Broadcasting Network Published July 21, 2022 14,328 Views



LIVE: President Trump Speaks At America First Policy Institute Annual Policy Summit Day 2 7-26-2022

DJT: 2 1/2 years ago we had everything now our country is a mess.

djt: our country being torn to pieces

djt: there is time for us to bring back america from the brink.

djt: This nov the armerican people will vote to bring it back.

djt: the dem cities are crime ridden

djt; our streets are lawless, the is crime but no order

djt: states loads of horrible crime lists in d.c new york.

djt: the people need to hear these stories and you need to hear them.

djt: to beat violent crime, we need to be tough and ruthless if we have to.

djt: we have to support our police and leave the police alone

to do their job.

djt: we need to stop and frisk, it works.

djt: The police officers know every criminal gangs

and we know their names, the police want to do it.

djt: doj and homeland security to join to get rid of this crime wave.

djt: death penalties for drug dealers, excecute a drug dealer and crimes stops

djt: other countries do not have a problem with drug dealers

djt: 50% reduction in drug dealing and deaths with death penalty

djt: No longer wait for gov's to clear it up, fed gov will go in and clear it up.

djt: Lee Zeldin tried to stab him and he was released in a few hours.

djt: The safety of people must be put before gov who are weak and corrupt.

djt: We have to build tent cities with everything the need.

djt: blue ribbon commettees head by mrs vanderbelt.

djt: fed gov needs to protect the right to self protection

djt: We should have conceal carry

djt: fed should stop the sexualization of minor children.

djt: those who are teaching our kids should be held accountable.

djt: swimmer and weight lifter stories and his team.

djt: we have to secure out borders (it is a gapping wound in country)

djt: I like disinformation rather then misinformation.

djt: the border wall story from trump

djt: the ice men story, with lots moar employed.

djt: the national guard can be used to get rid of illegal criminals.

djt: bring kates law back but toughter.

djt: sex traffickers was the lowest numbers ever.

djt: rogue beaucrats need to be removed or fired.

djt: the pentagon and departments should be ashamed.

djt: we need to be self sufficent with energy and other things.

djt: do not take away the power of sancation from the president.

djt: we will hold china accountable for the virus.

djt: we need election intregity with same day voting, id and no drop boxes

djt: we need to break the choke hold of big tech and bring back free speech.

djt: we are standing up against the most entrenched and vicious interests ever

djt: the corrupt establishment with hillary impeachments 1-2-3

djt: now we have the jan 6th political hacks, same people

djt: Adam schiff is evil and sick. lying when he knew it was not true.

djt: Kamala harris was getting people out who had killed people out of jail

djt: our biggest threat is the sick and evil people from within

djt: they want to damage me so i cannot go back to work for you.

djt: The fake news and corrupt media are complicit

djt: i stayed at home, the prescution of djt will stop

djt: this nation does not belong to them, this nation belongs to you.

djt: our people planted a flag on the moon. can you believe that

djt: russia have killed thousands of people, it would never have happened.

djt: china with tiawan is next

djt: iran is now building a nuclear weapon

djt: the media is the enemy of the people

djt: we are in many ways have become a joke

djt: we have a education system that is last on every list.

djt: i believe our nation will come together like never before.

djt: we will make our country, freerer, safer and more glourious then ever before.

song [hold on i'm coming]

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