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Following the Pittsburgh Gun issue? (Anon)

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Latest updates,

DA office sends warning to mayor and city council.

Despite warning. Council wants to continue

Anti gun group Ceasefire PA intends to rally in harrisburg, see picture. January 29th.. they intend to send free buses.. (who's funding this)

The fight is moving to Harrisburg,

They want to challenge this..

In the state of PA we have a preemption clause in our state. See link

PA is a deep state cesspool, we need your help anons. You all dig deep into alot of shit.

PA is the north East's last stand for freedom. We need to bring them down… people like myself have been fighting them in the courts, in the cities, in the halls of harrisburg….

We need people to show up in real life. Let your voices be heard.

If your from PA, and you don't know your legislators, use this link to find them..

We need to be ready to melt the switchboard.

Love you all, god bless

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