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Flynn: "Q has done a major disservice" - 'Anons' opine.

Anonymous 10/19/23 (Thu) 21:39:00 066f07 (3) No.19767091

General Mike Flynn


Here’s my take on Q…I believe it is a major psyop and from what I can tell, it or they or whatever or whoever is “running this op” has done a major disservice. What I see are a bunch of people sitting and waiting for something to happen instead of doing what I have been calling for now for quite some time (LOCAL ACTION). The nonsense about trump is still the president and the military is coming to the rescue is just that…nonsense. I wasn’t belittling Dave (he’s a big boy), I was being brutally honest (like it or not or believe it or not). Rome is burning Nero and the bucket brigade is getting low on water. And like it or not (I don’t), we have a person in the WH that is there following a constitutional process…note I didn’t say fair election (which I don’t believe occurred). Lastly, I so respect your smart statement and most definitely appreciate your support as well as Dave’s (I’m a big fan of X22). I also appreciate the support by many of the digital soldiers who did and do support me. Thank you will never be enough. However, I want us to face reality for what it is and it is staring us in the face currently and it is ugly. But never ever give up and trust me, there will always be silver linings, we just have to find them and exploit them as soon and for as long as possible. God bless @MJTruthUltra

==Local Action Has National Impact==


Anonymous 10/19/23 (Thu) 22:02:23 1be3fc (4) No.19767281


1) He doesn't understand math

2) We are an intelligence agency

3) It's charismafags that need to be out doing shit

4) If you need to know something, we know everything

5) Why would we reveal when it's go time in the first place

6) We've made great progress awakening minds

7) X22 gets a lot of their talking points from QR notables (It notice the correlation all the time)

8) We are the news now

God bless

Anonymous 10/19/23 (Thu) 22:07:27 a431b1 (13) No.19767319


Anonymous 10/19/23 (Thu) 21:55:33 5f3dd1 (17) No.19767228


Anonymous 10/19/23 (Thu) 21:59:28 75edf9 (8) No.19767264

>Confuse the enemy

Bring them Lord, let them come & see.


Anonymous 10/19/23 (Thu) 21:34:16 bc58d2 (2) No.19767046


Bring them Lord, let them come & see.

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