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Fighting to expose the truth of 2020 is a Nobel and decent endeavor

Anonymous 09/02/21 (Thu) 22:57:58 62eb7a (67) No.14512269

Seth Keshel, [02.09.21 11:59] Even if you think fighting to expose the truth of 2020 is a useless endeavor… I must remind you. The certified Biden total is 81 million votes. 2004 = Kerry, 59mm 2008 = Obama, 69mm 2012 = Obama, 66mm 2016 = Clinton, 66mm 59, 69, 66, 66 climbing, peak, decline, plateau Now, 59, 69, 66, 66, 81 Unless exposed, the new threshold for votes is about 80 million. To go down to the normal threshold of the low to mid 60s would raise the question of "what happened in 2020?" Also in the case of Texas: Obama 08 = 3.6mm Obama 12 = 3.3mm Clinton 16 = 3.9mm Biden 20 = 5.3mm These reforms must take place, or the new thresholds will exist permanently.


Anonymous 09/02/21 (Thu) 22:57:58 62eb7a (67) No.14512269

Seth Keshel, [02.09.21 17:45] [ Photo ] Will be discussing Utah tonight. Look how unpopular Trump was in 2020 compared to Romney 2012 (Sarcasm). These are votes by party per election. Red Rep, Blue Dem, Purple Other. Now look at that Dem spike after they were stuck three elections in a row. 2016’s third party vote was likely 85% Republican throw-aways.

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