Even atheists are siding with Christian student after university's harsh punishment


Uzuegbunam was stopped twice "from sharing his Christian faith with fellow students in public, outdoor areas" on GGC's campus, the ADF says in a summary of his case posted on the law firm's website.

"First, officials said to continue his conversations about his faith, he had to get advance permission to use one of two tiny speech zones that made up far less than 1% of the campus -- the equivalent of a piece of paper on a football field -- and were only open 10% of the week," the summary reads.

Uzuegbunam followed those instructions, but "within minutes, two campus police officers approached Chike and demanded his ID card, which they took back to their patrol car while he waited in full view of other students. When they returned, the officers ordered him to stop and threatened him with discipline if he continued to speak about his faith," the summary says.

"As a result, Chike was unable to speak about his faith anywhere on campus."

The defendant in the case is former GGC president Stanley C. “Stas” Preczewski, and other school officials. (Preczewski retired from this position in 2019. There are no indications this lawsuit played a role in his decision.)

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