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Europe is Organizing Convoys Too

Anonymous 01/27/22 (Thu) 14:58:48 692813 (3) No.15476612

WATCH LIVE Convoy To Ottawa 2022 Canadian Trucker Castor Windsor Ontario Freedom 2022 16 watching nowStarted streaming 14 hours ago LIVE CB of Freedom Convoy. It's pretty encouraging hearing everyone support them.

Anons noting infiltration attempts in social media groups and on this CB radio chat. Some shills pushing violence narrative.

@ 07:30

Messaging = Apolitical, for freedom, for freedom to choose, freedom from tyranny, for getting our bodily autonomy back. Any policy that supports that, is where we leave.


Anonymous 01/27/22 (Thu) 14:42:27 72e082 (13) No.15476483

Canadian farmers joined the truckers



Below links have not been verified

Anonymous 01/27/22 (Thu) 17:40:41 9dafa4 (2) No.15477853

Europe is organizing convoys too Attention!

We must organize by country Create group for each country if one has not been made Then organize for each individual movement Then we make a demonstration in each countries capital Then we converge on Brussels as a united Europe on the 7th February Channels so far Please share this far and wide! Europe Convoy

Canada Convoy 🇨🇦

Australia Convoy 🇦🇺

Finland Convoy 🇫🇮

Netherlands Convoy 🇳🇱

Czechoslovakian Convoy 🇨🇿

Belgian Convoy 🇧🇪

American Convoy 🇺🇸

French Convoy 🇫🇷

Italian Convoy 🇮🇹

Spain Convoy 🇪🇸 Https://

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