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Duckduckgo set to Censor Results re: Ukraine and Russia

Ron Watkins [CodeMonkeyZ], [10.03.22 10:24]

[Forwarded from Jeffrey Peterson -]

Here on the channel, we help you find better ways to work with your technology.

Many of you know, we've had a concerned eye on "alt"-search engine Duckduckgo for some time now, it has seemed they were drifting towards the political left, starting to censor and suppress searches. This is unacceptable.

Many of our subscribers are discovering Brave Search. It is a search engine with a completely independent search index, run by the same group that brought us the very good, privacy oriented Brave web browser. And so far, we do not see Brave Search engaging in the kind of censorship we see from 'big tech.

Give Brave Search a try:


Anonymous03/10/22 (Thu) 10:59:249df4bc (2)No.15828852

Duckduckgo goes full censorship

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