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Difficult Truths - Maryland Senate Bill 669 Legalizes Infanticide Up To 28 Days After Birth

Anonymous 04/01/22 (Fri) 18:20:02 74d61f (8) No.15992594

BREAKING: Infant Bodies May Indicate Infanticide After Attempted Abortions The bodies of at least 5 preborn children, some of whom may have been born alive and then killed, have been discovered in Washington DC. Prepare for graphic imagery ahead in this critical thread.


Anonymous 04/01/22 (Fri) 18:20:02 74d61f (8) No.15992594

>>15992475 Washington DC. maryland and Senator William Smith anyone getting that feeling that they were trying pass the 28 day law of abortion after birth cos of this reason? ============ THIS HAS TO BE THE SICKEST ACT THIS ANON HAS EVER SEEN - SENATOR WILLIAM SMITH OF MARYLAND HAS DRAWN UP A BILL WHICH WILL ALLOW INFANTICIDE OF A BABY 28 DAYS AFTER BIRTH OF A BABY !!! ==========

Maryland Senate Bill 669 Legalizes Infanticide Up To 28 Days After Birth Suzanne Hamner / March 9, 2022 There’s a lot of rubber meeting the road these days. And, as we have warned time and again, giving an inch leads to taking a mile. Residents in Maryland are about to find that out with Senate Bill 669 proposed in the Maryland legislature. Matt Lamb covered the story for Legislation proposed in the Maryland Senate would allow babies to be left to die for as long as the first 28 days after birth, according to analysis from a pro-life attorney. Senate Bill 669 is also known as the Pregnant Person’s Freedom Act of 2022, but the problems go beyond the use of “person” in place of accurate references to women having babies. Senator William Smith, a Democrat, sponsored the legislation, which will have a hearing on March 15. “[T]he bill also proposes a revision of the fetal murder/manslaughter statute that would serve to handcuff the investigation of infant deaths unrelated to abortion,” American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) attorney Olivia Summers wrote in her analysis.


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