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Devin Nunes: There’s got to be someone blocking Durham from bringing charges .

Devin Nunes: "Durham is being blocked"

"Hes been unable to bring charges."

Durham has bee able to show that this is a cooked up plan by the Clinton campaign and the DNC targeting innocent people like Carter Page. They involved the FBI, the FBI played along with it, and the FBI covered it up.

There was no one in the FBI that had any evidence what so ever to target Donald Trump or Carter Page or anyone else for the matter. Hope Im wrong but it feel like his hands are being tied.


Anonymous 10/14/22 (Fri) 21:49:17 b40034 (6) No.17693971


Anonymous 10/14/22 (Fri) 22:14:15 d2de9b (15) No.17693998


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