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Defense Ministry published correspondence of Biden's son about biolaboratories in Ukraine

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

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Defense Ministry published correspondence of Biden's son about biolaboratories in Ukraine

Hunter Biden- RIA Novosti, 1920, 31.03.2022

MOSCOW, March 31 - RIA Novosti. The Defense Department has published correspondence between the son of U.S. President Hunter Biden and employees of the Pentagon's Office of Threat Reduction and its contractors for biolaboratories in Ukraine.

"The contents of the letters show that Hunter Biden played an important role in creating a financial opportunity to work with pathogens in Ukraine by securing funds for Black and Veach and Metabiota," Igor Kirillov, head of the RCDS troops, said at a briefing.

Slides to the briefing of the Russian Defense Ministry on U.S. biological laboratories in Ukraine

He showed the correspondence, noting that the existence of these materials was confirmed by the Western media.

According to Kirillov, the letters confirm that the Pentagon's true goals in Ukraine were far from scientific. For example, in one of the letters, Metabiota's vice president notes that the company's activities will be aimed at ensuring "the cultural and economic independence of Ukraine from Russia.

The lieutenant general pointed out that the activities of Black and Veach raised questions even among the Ukrainian security services. He cited a 2017 report from the Security Service of Ukraine in the Kherson region that the U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA, ed.) intended to establish control over Ukrainian microbiological laboratories investigating dangerous infections through this company. The SBU stressed that in this connection "the potential threat of a worsening of the epidemic situation" in the country has become more acute.

The company Metabiota, in turn, is known for its work on forecasting infectious disease outbreaks, the Pentagon involved it in modeling the epidemic situation in the former Soviet Union, Kirillov continued. According to the Defense Ministry, Mary Guttieri, vice president of the company and confidante of Hunter Biden, worked for Metabiota in Ukraine, which is confirmed by their correspondence.

Immediate participants in the program

The lieutenant general gave the names of specific officials directly involved in the creation of biological weapons components in Ukraine.

"One of the key figures is Robert Pope, at the time a DTRA employee and director of the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program, whose goal was to draw the post-Soviet states into military-biological activities. He is also the author of the idea of creating the Central Depository of Especially Dangerous Microorganisms in Kiev," Kirillov said.

Joanna Wintrol, head of DTRA's Ukraine office, coordinated the bioweapons projects and recruited the staff. She supervised UP-4, UP-6 and UP-8 projects to study deadly pathogens, including anthrax, Crimean-Congo fever, and leptospirosis.

The Ukrainian division of Black and Veach is headed by Lance Lippencott, "who is also the primary contact for officials of the Department of Defense and the Ukrainian Department of Health." The company has been working on behalf of the Pentagon since 2008 and is involved, among other things, in the study of "rickettsia and tick-borne encephalitis virus in arthropods in northwestern Ukraine."

The biomonitoring and information transfer issues were supervised by David Mustra, who is closely associated with Metabiota. Previously, he led bioweapons projects in Ukraine and Eastern Europe as part of the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program.

The Pentagon's military-biological program

As already reported in the Defense Department, the U.S. spent more than $200 million on biological laboratories in Ukraine, which participated in the U.S. military-biological program and dealt, in particular, with pathogens of plague and anthrax.

In all, the network consisted of more than 30 institutions working on behalf of the Pentagon. After the start of the Russian special operation, everything related to the continuation of the U.S. program was removed from Ukraine, Kirillov pointed out.

//For those in Europe who can't reach russian sites anymore, a tip: activate dns over https in your browser. Then you have a good chance to reach them again.

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