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If this is the depths that we are going to have to get to, know that it will limit my ability to push information as the evil takes a huge toll on my mental health, but I am sick of the bullshit. Lets go. I tried to use restraint, I tried to be civil, but the time for that is coming to an end. God gave us one shot at this life to live, I will not live passively surrounded by evil. If I know, and have publicly pushed this information for 3 years now, anyone involved in national politics or with the intel agencies knows as well. The secret is not a matter of national security, its a matter of humanity. Good vs. Evil. I understand there is a plan, I don't fully know it, and it is not my place to assume this rant will speed anything up but many of us have been standing on the edge of the cliff for years, pleading for society to turn around and wake up.

I do not encourage violence, I demand equal and transparent justice under the law. Our Country has been infiltrated by foreign governments. They have installed perverts and traitors throughout our entire system. "We the People" have been intentionally lulled to sleep through the use of psychological warfare, and they even go after your children. If you have a voice and do not use it, you are suspect. Do not be afraid to speak out on what you know to be true there are millions of us who will stand with you. This is the Revolution, pray that it is as peaceful as possible.

There will come a time when good men will have to do bad things. I'm going to need my elected officials to start standing the fuck up and get loud

Firefox is blocking mega links at time of post, do not let the use of memes distract from the obvious evidence.



I took an oath twice now and I meant every word of it both times.

So help me God.

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