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@COsweda: My final, inarguable, definitive assessment of the murder of Aaron "Jay" Danielson...

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>>10549179 Let's consolidate the FACTS in the murder of Aaron "Jay" Danielson I've studied terrorism for 40 years. The killing took 14 seconds. They didn't arrest the gunman despite knowing his identity, and the the county District Attorney UNDERCHARGED HIM. It's time to stop laughing. And I'm sorry, but you ARE NOT TRAINED to the level that this Antifa death squad was trained. Leave this to the feds. If they didn't have the transcripts before, they do now. DON'T BE AFRAID. But DO NOT confront Antifa in their killing fields. Stick together when you go out and stage counter-demonstrations, and do it only in the daytime. THEY ARE SURVEILLING YOU. THEY WILL MURDER YOU. Arguing with them is insane. Would you argue with Hezbollah or Hamas? Portland reporters have been threatened into never filming Antifa faces. Now we know why. THIS devlopment was YEARS in the planning. THEY PULLED IT OFF. They may again, before they're wiped out. DO NOT DIE. VOTE INSTEAD.

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