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Congressman Mike Kelly Talks Pennsylvania Election Audit

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Congressman Mike Kelly Talks Pennsylvania Election Audit

"I think an audit here in Pennsylvania is really necessary and a great idea" Congressman Mike Kelly came into the national spotlight last December when he led the charge against the fraudulent results of several contested states, including his native Pennsylvania, in the Supreme Court- a legal challenge which the Supreme Court denied, despite the merits of the case. Now Congressman Kelly is joining the fight once again, as he is the first sitting US Congressman to publicly come out in support of an audit of the 2020 election results in Pennsylvania. “I was talking to Representative Paul Gosar this morning actually, and I was saying that I hope that the audit in Arizona, in Maricopa County, causes a cascade effect in other contested states. I think an audit here in Pennsylvania is really necessary and a great idea,” Kelly said during an interview with National File at the Lincoln Day Dinner in Pittsburgh last Thursday. The announcement comes as momentum for an audit of Pennsylvania continues to grow, with many GOP political figures, notably US Congressional Candidate Teddy Daniels and State Senator Bob Mensch, already advocating for such an audit. The announcement also comes as the Arizona audit continues to reap results, as ballot inaccuracies continue to rise. States such as Georgia, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin have also begun to audit their states as millions of Americans continue to question the results of the 2020 election and the legitimacy of the Biden regime. When asked what inspired him to fight so vigorously for the President last December, Congressman Kelly replied that “I was inspired by the level of enthusiasm that was there for Donald Trump throughout the election. There were motorcades, boat parades, spontaneous rallies, so much enthusiasm. And most of the votes the night of November 3rd were for Trump, so the math didn’t add up. And I saw all of that and I said to myself ‘you know, this isn’t right,’ and that’s what ultimately inspired me to file that lawsuit.” The Congressman went on to add that it was when that court case was thrown out that “people lost faith in the system, because that showed the people that there was no recourse.”

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